So where were we? Okay, I remember – Worthiness!

Worthiness, IMHO, is 85% about keeping it up. That makes the watches on the wrists of fighting forces worldwide truly worthy. These can take abuse a lot; do a lot and no greater place for the beater to prove itself! A beater in a battlefield and all its heat, cold, sand and mud and all the rest of shocks and knocks – obviously you understand what it’s like. It’s all a big conspiracy to take the life out of a watch!

This is where the quartz industry cashes in. The biggest game-changer in the watch world, things were not opulently rosy for quite a long time. True, quartz comes with its fair share of brilliance; fewer parts and low production costs; a lighter built and hence, weight, was picked upon readily by the masses. ‘70s considered it fashionable; for the ‘80s, it was a cost-cutting tool.

They missed out on a little thing, though. The water resistance went after the first battery change. Most didn’t know about putting in new rubber seals (‘80s were like that; almost all sought cheap alternatives to costlier phenomenon) and some ignored, taking it to be an unnecessary expense. Basic needs at the cheapest, that was the general mindset back then.

‘80s, however; witnessed the advent of digital sports watches, which again brought back the essence of fashion into the thing. This new breed of watches exhibited essential features of a beater watch. So it’s needless saying they took over as daily beaters – from college students to regular office-goers; these were comfortable, had multiple functions and were more durable than their older cousins. The prices, comparatively, didn’t change much.

Mechanical watches, since then, are held as one of the faces through which luxury presents itself; it’s tough to believe something to be cuddled, coddled and collected ending up as your do-it-all watch. Aren’t mechanicals (in) famous for their heavy cases and movements; delicate arrangements and built? They were, but some of today’s mechanicals defy that logic; they are equally nice and easy-going tools on the battlefield, in sports and in the backyard. However, none wears a mechanical in the battlefield unless it’s only time he seeks; in that case, there must be another device to do the life-saving calculations.

But coming to the bottom line and by its definition, a beater watch is a simple creature with only one job in hand. Looks are secondary; it’s not meant to impress anyone but its wearer. And it impresses! Sorta like the old wife with more wrinkles on face than in her brain, but an absolute goddess when cooking is concerned! It’s ready to survive under rough duty and return home to tell the story.

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