Does Gonzo approve battery-quartz?

Q. Hi Gonzo!

I recently found out about the Casio quartzes that look like heroes and gunmen. I’m quite a bit in love with a comparatively newer intros from the junior-most Jap-giant but I’m afraid you’ll turnip your nose away from it. Yes, it’s not solar so battery changes are pretty much going to come up every couple of years but I’m anyway going for it. However, would also love to hear what Gonzo has to say about it.

I would also like to mention I’m not willing to hear silly comments like it’s big-sided or very sporty-looking; I’m interested to know how is it different than other battery-powered, mega-taskmaster watches. I know there is carbon-fiber and UV lume, which I think are quite trailblazers at this price point, so please sum it up all and tell me if you would consider one for yourself or at least, think it to be worthy of your attention?

A. I’ll give Casio credits for what it has been doing recently. Many of their earlier watches are crap but if i find any fault with Casio off-late, it’s their design spin-offs; one thing added here, one chucked off from there and there you have a new watch. By no means I’m telling Casio too fickle or maybe inconsistent with their portfolio, but I also think you lack patience. I’m not judging; just pointing out; else, you would know about this post. IMHO, it’s a fresh breath when Edifice started seeming a bit stuck up in itself. This at least shows Casio is also doing something apart from derivating blatantly. They are also trying and also proving themselves as a scrappy iconoclast!

So enough of whining about how great your selection is and also how inexpensive it is, but if you really want to know if I would wear one – well, at times I do hit the dance floors and the sand and gravel on wheels and I won’t hesitate slapping on one of them.

Q. Gonzo! I like this watch with alarms very much but I’m afraid it might not be the right thing inside the lab. What do you say? Even at other places, does a reminder every 15 minutes or so make the wearer appear rude?

A. Please do not wear one if we ever meet over a drink; I might think you have to catch the flight. A limited timeframe and distilled, malted barley doesn’t go together. Else, your selected watch is a sublime invention by humans and is alive in every sense except that it doesn’t smell.

However, the clear sound of the alarm beeping to tell you when to turn off the centrifuge or the burner (or electric current) is something to be enjoyed reverently but not every 15 minutes unless work demands so. You want others to appreciate it, not snit at it. If you engage alarm all times, it’s simply showing off your expensive toy.

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