The brand casio has huge collection of watches for both mens and womens. They continue making glamorous and attractive watches. Now casio brought an awesome watch for mens that contains good functions and its features. Resin material is used in the making of case of this watch resin is light in weight and strong mostly used in branded watches. The working caliber of this Casio Protrek watch is CR2016. Led light is fitted on this watch afterglow this light in looks so attractive and beautiful and we can easily see from a far. We can set alarms independently 5 times in this watch. This watch show dual time in format 12/24; buttons are given for adjusting the date and time and the other functions of this watch. This watch has calendar which show the calendar up to the year 2099 correct without any interrupt.

The water resistant of this watch is 100 meter; the case diameter of this watch is 49.2mm without including the crown of this watch and including the crown it become 50mm approximately. The case thickness of this watch is 14.1mm; this Protrek watch is really light weighted because it contains lighter and strong resin material. The weight of this watch is only47 grams comfortable for men wrist. If you really finding a watch that contains good quality of material and splendid functions then this Casio Watch may be one of the best for you.

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Casio Protrek Sports Twin Sensor SGW-300H-1AVDR SGW-300H-1A Mens Watch
Casio Protrek Sports Twin Sensor SGW-300H-1AVDR SGW-300H-1A Mens Watch

Some Important Features:

Resin Case
Resin Band
Caliber: CR2016
LED light
World time
1/100-Second Stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99″
Countdown timer
5 Independent Daily Alarms
Hourly Time Signal
Full auto-calendar (to year 2099)
12/24-Hour Format
Button operation tone on/off
Regular Timekeeping
Accuracy: +/- 30 seconds per month
100 meter water resistant

Case Diameter: 49.2mm (Excluding Crown)
Case Diameter: 50mm (Including Crown)
Case Thickness: 14.1mm
Weight: 47g

This watch is available for US $80.00 with us.
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3 comments on “A Review Casio Protrek Sports Twin Sensor SGW-300H-1AVDR SGW-300H-1A Mens Watch

  1. Does the temp sensor work while on your wrist?
    My last watch with temp sensor always read ~32C unless I took it off

  2. i have been planning for weeks on buying this watch and i cant wait to have it…i have a casio watch ever since high school and it never turned me down

  3. The alti/baro and the functions of sgw 300h are accurate. I did an experiment on the barometer and alti function using the principles of fluid mechanic and it did gave me the same Depth of water in the container. And I also used the pressure given to me by the baro and Used it to compte the depth of water.

    My conclusion is that the altitude given by the watch is dependent on the barometer. The barometer is so accurate that even the smallest change in pressure will be considered and definitely the altitude will change accordingly. If you have an idea about this then you will consider a margin of error in evey result. The purpose is to only give you an idea of your altitude. In fact, when you are in ah high altitude this error can be neglected for example if you are 8400 ft asl and the watch gave a result of 8100ft or 8600ft, it is still acceptable for the purpose of information.

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