Unlearn the unnecessary in the world of mid-tier and mid-entry-level luxury watches. Let the Watch Gonzo guide your course through the roundabouts and swirly labyrinths and rid-off all your horological ignorance. How bad your prenominal viewpoints face the blow is later to be found  out but it will work out a fair bit towards your illumination. 


Hey Gonzo. I’m just out of business school and managed to sign in with a big accounting firm. I’m done with the suits, shirts and shoes; ties and belts also. This is where my friends came to rescue. But I’m stuck with the smaller accessories. I firmly believe a young professional needs a watch and my budget is $4000. It’s not that I have to spend the entire amount but I won’t hesitate if need be.

Please help me to get the maximum bang for those bucks.



I’m getting mixed feelings. You seem to be a person who would love to perfect the impeccable given a chance but why then your friends chose your things? Which makes me think you are a person who really don’t give a damn about what he is wearing (that requires being confident; hats off! I can’t manage that) and writing just to kill some spare time. However, none returns empty-minded from my hall, so I’ll answer that question. But not on $4000 watches; you are just a starter so three-figures is just right for you. They are either too exotic for the workplace (Astron) or too bland considering your age and experience (GS).

I know you are not after blings and eye-candies; I know you are that much sane. Neither dive watches, but pilot’s? Maybe. Second time zones? – Most probably; GMT preferred to see world time if you are a busy, travelling executive. Or, if client interaction is what you are paid for.  But here’s the catch.

There’s both Swiss and Jap in this category, in quartz and mechanical and that turns the equation tougher. The only way out from this is keeping just your personal style in mind and forgetting everything else.

The statement simple, mechanical watches make is the wearer is devoted to his duty; understands the value of time and keeps distractions to minimum. Both Orient Star Classic Mechanical and Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium are good choices for the purpose, though the Orient is a bit more on flamboyance. Mechanical complications like the Orient Star Full Skeleton are best reserved for dinners and corporate parties. But then again, if you are meeting clients over dinner to fix a deal, you may consider the  Hamilton Ventura XXL Automatic.

For quartz watches, it shows you value precision and keep your load light. Additional functions are all right unless they stare right at your face; you’ll be considered a multitasker who judges things from different angles and is prepared to face any situation or crisis. The Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot  has plenty of that zing and IMHO, suits a business suit just fine.

If you want to venture out further, don’t worry, now you know how to.