With Fossil, truth be told, you can never get too serious. Yes, they do have some very interesting designs that charm you all the way through but you can never sport one as much fervidly as you would with – say, an Omega! Fossil does make for excellent office-wears for executives and mid-managerial posts; it’s great to wear with funky clothes, both light formals and casuals and even to an extent – For moderately-taxing sports purposes. Fossils don’t cost a fortune and you’ll never regret losing one since they are readily available! But a Fossil is simply not for the times demanding an upper-tier Swiss piece amidst elegant, majestic settings.

The saddest part is we are overlooking the fine watches Fossil is currently building with Swiss aid that stand on their own merits! Whether it’s a re-renaissance or not in watch making is solely up to you to decide; it’s just that you can never deny the confluence of modern materials with technical marvels and centuries-old traditions filling its bits and parts. Some of these resulting timepieces are truly exceptional!

Nobody is claiming the Swiss Fossil to pretend as if they invented something as radical as a constant force escapement or the pioneers of the hand-finished bridge, but their arrival should be celebrated! They look nice; are nice and come in the price range of less than a grand. Not that the Swiss are not capable of producing rubbish as any other country, but the Swiss Fossil – they built it good! Just like they do it with Hamilton!

The Swiss Fossil collection exhibits three models, each in different versions; the mechanical range (Swiss Automatic) and the quartz versions (for chronographs and day/date watches). There’s no incredible lack of substance and they are decent enough not to lack a soul. Descriptions like timeless and masterful craftsmanship fits in here quite pleasantly.

With the step taken to create their watches the Swiss way, Fossil managed to give many of their earlier designs a whole new personality! The design perspectives are safe, classic and soothing to the eyes. They don’t try to be extra funky, be in their color schemes or in their size.

As for the Swiss movement, Fossil uses the caliber STP-1-11 that resembles the ETA 2824 automatic but not exactly a clone. It just clones its many aspects. It’s visible through the rear of the watches.

Traditional or tech savvy, the Swiss Fossil will fit your personal style. Or, to anyone you might gift one! There’s from minimal to bold and bold minimal-s; from classics and elegant-s to classy elegant-s to choose from, the Swiss Fossil watches bring you a little more than several others in the category. They are unconventional; crafted with the wearer in mind.

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