It’s not about the Hamilton Jazzmaster auto-chrono but about the overall feel that a watch delivers upon wearing. The levels of curiosity and excitement that build up you may find very childlike unless you too, are into watches. With the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono, the feeling was almost like outdoing oneself.

There are advocates for Rolex, Breitling, TAGs and Omegas and other big-shot wonders but all I could say, as an average guy, is I can afford only the average-guy watch. The Hamilton auto chrono is an average-guy watch when it comes down to the price, with the make and feel of the big-shots. Those who waded through greater pools may come up with some or the other shortcoming, maybe hypothetical, but till then, there’s nothing the Hamilton auto chrono lacks. It is hard to believe the kind of excellence Hamilton has offered at under $1,000. It’s also surprising how Hamilton offers a full twelve-hour chronograph at this price point. It makes the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono a timepiece with a completely unique personality, the best piece to go with light business wear.

The Auto Chrono strikes balance in its execution. Its quality can trigger envy in many other watchmakers, sometimes selling double its price. The Jazzmaster auto chrono creates an air of sophistication that’s approachable and pleasantly surprising. The stainless steel case and the sapphire crystal are plenty durable for almost all kinds of activity and it can be a staple for both dressed-up and dressed-down looks.

Despite being a dress watch, the Hamilton Jazzmaster auto chrono, doesn’t leave you biting nails for night-time visibility.  It’s luminescent inlay (hour and minute hands and hour markers) is decent enough to give you a clear reading of the time.  It’s not as bright or long lasting like the professional tools.

The H21 movement makes its presence felt and you become sure that the massive 60 hours of power reserve is getting filled. Over time, the inherent intricacy grows into an astounding emotional attachment, with no element of fragility to cut it abruptly. The H21 movement is an enhanced and modified version of the Valjoux 7750, a widely acclaimed movement for its excellence and reliability. It’s kind of bespoke, or maybe different, since it’s not a stock movement as found in many other similarly priced watches. This is the next level of entry into the world of mechanical watches, a step above the standard ETA.

All that make the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono a watch I’ll truly enjoy. It’s that simple. I feel it significant due to all those aforementioned reasons.  Whether the Auto Chrono catches your eyes (or, tickles your fancy), fact remains that it’s something exceptional that Hamilton built and you’ll feel that every time you put it on. But none would blame you for feeling that way.

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