Gruesome! To us humans that is; for Pinhead or Butterball – in fact the entire army of the Cenobites – they would die to sport that look! But IMHO, there are not too many readers here with a true admiration for the Hellraiser series. But one thing I must say: If Cenobites wore watches; they would go for skeleton-s! Both are the only types that like to show-off their innards. And they work too!

Most of you who come here to read my posts are mostly anything but horological experts. Neither am I one, so you see – We gel well! At best, I might know a little more than an average person. However, I consider it very important to become well-informed – as much as possible – in order to find out the cream!

My lookout for right pieces (nay, here we are talking about a superior craftsmanship and a tradition that speaks of consistent excellence; not just good aesthetics) brought across exotics; even from brands who usually follow the middle path – neither flashy, nor gawky and never outrageously priced!

To answer the specific question: A watch with a skeletonized face (that’s correct; it’s not a skeleton watch but a skeletonized face watch) isn’t always antique or vintage. It might look one, designed after the tradition. A real antique would cost a fortune (we all know that), without the privilege of regular use (we know that too!). From this particular viewpoint, a Stuhrling Original or a Fossil would do well. But not every Stuhrling or in that case, Fossil! Some like the Grant, Dean and Modern Machine models are worth to be kept apart for special occasions.

Technically, they are watches with open dials. There’s nothing especially to show for the most other than the basic architecture. The best ones have sexy bits like the tourbillion, the moving drive-train, escapement, balance wheel and the jewels in view. To be precise, the entire top plate, which we, the un-enlightened gang will refer to just as the back of the watch! It entertains the eye, of course, when finished well.

The problem arises when there are all sorts of ways adopted to monkey with the basic architecture. This doesn’t make a movement more interesting; it is just a conceptually cheaper, under-unimaginative route to achieve something lacking clarity in definition. Running towards an abstract goal! Dear God in Heaven, please help us avoid such quests.

Instead, a simple repeater or a perpetual calendar often shows something that’s well-worth. Look at under the transparent (and often nonexistent) dial! You will find a coherent conveyance of information despite an absence of printed matter. The best example is Breguet; its Grand Complication – The Marie Antoinette! Others bear names like Patek, Vacheron and Audemars Piguet but HEY! Even smaller labels like the Zeppelin Series Princess Of The Sky do not look bad either!

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