Out of many questions that make way to Gonzo’s desk (read: mailbox), a large chunk centers around the same very basic question: “What would make a good choice for me?”  And then, a budget stays mentioned, falling somewhere between $200 and $500.

The passing years make it clearer every time that indecision has become a forte rather than a weakness and at the root of it – as I’ve observed – is a hectic, busy, target-oriented, anxious lifestyle. Everybody is eager to milk their cattle till the last drop and a lot among them end up buying the wrong cow. Poor beast croaks even before serving what it would have otherwise, normally.

All of you who read these columns have many times come across the praises I sing for particular brands and a curious soul recently asked me if I would change my preferences if he is going to pay. To cut it short, it’s nay; perhaps I would go for a more specific version of something from the same brand. Which one it is would require further examination, through the availability telescope; among the recently introduced and also the great classics that I return to again and again.

While I can’t (and I don’t want to) tell you “this is what you need” most of the times, I can definitely make recommendations over a particular class of watches, at that particular instance of asking that are worthy of respect at that given price point.

So, which ones are them to fit busy lifestyles like hand to glove? Busy branches out to more than one direction; you could lead a busy life doing a white collar job – could be a lab or a conglomerate – or something more challenging like practicing for professional rafting or explosive disposal or maybe even for the Marathon! Or, maybe you are choreographing.

The first type would ask for a Seiko 5. My preference for an office wear should exhibit less and deliver more; it shouldn’t give me the chance to settle for another one from my watch-drobe.

Casio G-Shock follows, representing horological purism in its own way. G-Shocks got their own identity. It is, quite obviously, way different than of any Patek’s or Permigiani’s, but an identity nevertheless; earned from the simple fact that a G-Shock is going to withstand and survive events enough to kill its owner. A blunt, no-nonsense, purpose-driven choice that reassures and appeals instantly!

There’s a lot similar between the two despite Seiko 5 being mechanical; polar opposites to G-Shocks’ digital dazzle. But some of the same attractions are found.

They are robust and reliable; sometimes unexpectedly beautiful! Plus, both got lotsa models to choose from. Not one has disappointed its owner!

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