Grandeur in Austere Elegance

Frankly speaking, tensions, springs and gears are tough to handle on a daily basis unless you are a Sultan with a hundred people at your beck and call, serving for everything from breakfast to driving and beyond. That’s kinda unromantic too; for what becomes a norm, loses the associated romance.

It’s the same with the mechanical watches of the yesteryears. The proverbial Sultan might have all the time and admire its beauty from dusk to dawn, but we need to break our respective backs to earn our days of leisure (and also our objects of desire). So being extra careful all the time so as not to damage an expensive piece of machinery atop the wrist is a far-fetched idea through the entire workweek. Workplaces are not meant for eye-candies but about tools and maintaining tight deadlines, yet it is our innate nature to receive admiration and appreciation for our tastes and choices in life even when it’s amidst a serious presentation. To make all that come your way, here are a few suggestions:

Monday morning elegance: Take note, for this one is hugely difficult to find! Mondays are for a clean commanding presence and none gives out the aura as good as this. Keeps time with almost a military precision. Or, go for the Titanium version. Both are designed for extensive daily wear but its limited availability comes as the downside. Both are high-end stuff that doesn’t require any particular care.

2. Mirth for the Midweek: It saves you from time-related stresses when you are tested for a time-bound performance. Set your own, take control and you’ll love the feel, for it tends to get better every time. Again, the drawback is its limited availability.

3.    Gentility for the client meet: Adds a unique edge to every suit you wear. Say it in black or white. And that’s what a serious client will always like.

4.    Weekend T-surge: “G-A–A–A–A–A–A–A–A-W-D-D-D-D-A-M-N-N-N!!!!” Nothing is better than chilled beer on the table and football on the big screen. And you do not need to be particularly careful while throwing your hands around in glee; this one is built as tough as the team and can take any amount of hardship without calling quits. Even if you crash on the floor later on.

5.    Weekend relaxation: The looks are so it gets you relaxed and all that you want then is heading the hammock with something nice to read. Heck, you may also improve your reading speed; the watch gives you the provisions.

With all that said, expect a fair amount of distraction amidst whatever you do, for you’ll be asked questions quite a few many times. Drawing attention never got these easy.