Watch Maintenance – Treat your Watch with care

No matter how much you have spent on your chosen watch, or whether it was a gift, you need to take care of what is an intricate and treasured item. Watches – especially the mechanical kind – need care and attention, and there are some things you should be aware of if you want to get the best out of you watch. For watches with more intricate movements, and older, vintage models – it is strongly recommended that you have a service every three to five years. This should be done by a trusted expert, and is a job for a craftsman with knowledge of the procedure.

 Seiko Quartz Movement Watch
Seiko Quartz Movement Watch

If you have a watch that is powered by a battery you should keep an eye on the amount of charge left in it; if you leave a watch standing with a dead battery a leak can cause damage that is irreparable. Replace batteries on a regular basis, and make sure you are using the right ones. Waterproof watches require a little extra care, and the seals should be checked on a regular basis if you dive with your diving watch. Seals can perish over time, and are easy to replace if you find an expert.

Watch maintenance is not just about servicing, but also about how you treat the watch when it is worn and otherwise. Store your watch, when not in use, in its original protective box if possible, or in a safe place where it will not be exposed to extreme heat or cold. Regular cleaning, with a soft and dry cloth, will remove any debris that has gathered on the watch, and also prolong the life of the watch and keep it looking good at all times. Never expose your watch to solvents or detergents, and keep it away from hairspray and other applicants as they can affect the mechanism.

Magnets are not good for watches: keep them away from loudspeakers, refrigerators and other items that can generate a magnetic field as this will damage your watch. Finally, remember to wind your watch always in a clockwise direction as going against the grain can damage the movement. A watch is a fine instrument that is designed to be accurate and precise, and by following these simple rules and treating yours to a regular service, you can enjoy your watch for as long as you live, safe in the knowledge it has been treated with care.

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