• October 13, 2015
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For many years, Seiko pampered the crowd with their diving watches; even more, with their range of Seiko 5 Sports. Blend the two together and what do you get? High-value beater watches that you can take through Hell, which is exactly what the Sea Urchin is.

The Submariner appeal of the Sea Urchin is the first aspect that’s going to catch your attention, but it is more solid in its construction while way down on the price factor. That is what that doesn’t make you chicken out testing its mettle. High impact activities including yard work and construction, even rugby can’t shake it. Abuse and dirt is what it is meant for.

The new and stunning Sea Urchin SNZF17K1 might resemble other Seiko watches in the ‘dive’ range, but talking about price and style, it proves to be an ideal fit. A completely automatic, mechanical, steel-made Seiko that shows time, day, and date with Hardlex crystals making for its caseback window and the front glass. Even the bracelet, as opposed to many in the price range with folded links. Solid steel vs. pieces of folded metal; you can pretty well judge yourself who emerges as the winner. Take it a step ahead and the triple locking clasp makes the whole thing secured, durable and comfortable.

At 41mm, it’s just the perfect size; neither to big, nor too small. It’s apt for them who don’t like wearing a giant on the wrist but don’t even prefer donning a dainty watch. It also happens to be the highest-quality model to have come out of the Seiko 5 Sports line of 100 meters water-resistance models. That makes it a true diver, fit for basic diving and not so deep water-related activities.

Talking about legibility, the Urchin puts up just the exact amount that’s needed for the purposes it’s built for. Raised markers are just like the Rolex Submariner while the large hands are covered with bright lume for an easy viewing. There’s also a slanted chapter ring encircling the dial, which adds a sense of depth to the watch-face.

The traditional rotating bezel imparts an extra functionality to the watch. It acts as a timer and that’s appreciable for its use in any time-bound job, not just diving. The coloured date and day looks much better than it would have in plain white.

At a price that leaves you no ground to worry, the Urchin’s style and functions are evenly matched. It’s biggest plus point is it makes you overcome the fear of wearing mechanical watches to rough grounds; more you engage it to the harsh jobs, better you come to understand its value. And value is the sole word defining why it is, after all, shall adorn your wrist!

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