The watch we are going to look at today is an all time Seiko classic, and is, infact one of my favourite Seiko watches. Everything about the watch – the looks, the feel, the size, the dial, the functions, the quality and the price – is just great. In the world of aviation watches, Seiko has a might contender in the form of the Seiko Flightmaster Alarm Chronograph 200m SNA411P1. Take a look at the picture:

Seiko Flight Alarm Chronograph Pilots SNA411P1
Seiko Flight Alarm Chronograph Pilot's SNA411P1

The SNA411, as I mentioned, is a Pilot’s watch. So all the slide rules you see can be used to calculate things like fuel economy etc. But its not just pilots and aviation enthusiasts that wear pilot watches, others wear them too. The SNA411 also features a chronograph, an alarm (which can be used as a second timezone ) and best of all its rated to 200m. So swimming, rain, shower all is fine. The case and the bracelet is solid stainless steel, and the build of the watch is quite tough with screw down crowns. The price is really really reasonable. You have to give Seiko credit for designing such beautiful time-pieces and well within the price reach of the average person. I would say the humble SNA411 is better in most aspects than some of  the $3K+ swiss watches.

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Here are some close up pics: