• September 18, 2014
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Last year’s (2013) releases from Tissot had one extreme model. Whether that moves you emotionally is least of my concern; I’ve seen too many extreme labels come and go. It’s overused! Many such extreme watches would turn into a pulp if taken under real extreme conditions; they are, however, enough to withstand urban extremes. Things are not so pretty when you are really out in the wilds.

Cut that out! How would you explain an actual extreme watch? It sure can’t be something that will dazzle you with its martial art skills or just yell and explode to save you from a bunch of bad guys – that would be over-extreme. I’ll be happy if an existing watch reinforces its existing tough qualities and be prepared to counter some real bad bang, drop or splash. Sorta like your muscle car and PRS 516 does relate to that!

Firstly, its slick, retro lines. It’s minimalistic, bringing to mind the 1960s and mid-1970s styles. Three-hand automatic models have something about them that’s both enticing and unexplainable, so we’ll avoid it with respect. The real oomph is its automatic chronograph mechanism though you’ll notice first its radically different looks from the existing PRS 516 collection. But take a close look; there’s resemblance to be found.

Its level of case and dial detailing is magnificent, in short. There’s an overall retro- feel, but it’s a modernised, re-imagined version without the heaviness of yore. At 44mm (wide) and 15.73mm (thick), its strap is a rather odd-sized one that makes modding difficult. 23mm is not very widely available, but no doubt it has one imposing stance.

I know many of you will burst out laughing but it’s more of the looks (not movement or functionalty) of the Tissot T-Sport PRS 516 Extreme Automatic that got me interested in it. Brushed surfaces, PVD black-coating and measured sprinkles of bright colors make it a piece of slick, modern, wearable architecture. Whether it’s the red or the yellow is a personal choice; I like the red more.

I guess it’s the result of Tissot’s deep inspection on other high-end luxury models of sport watches and blended some T-Touch elements to it. Of course, without cutting down the basics from the ‘60’s Tissot PRS 516 sport watches.

What all bear the connection with the racetrack? Well, the black PVD-coated rotating bezel does; it blends a sporty feel to racetrack-inspired elegance. It goes with a multitude of looks and dressing, fits a large number of lifestyles and its scratch resistant sapphire crystal protects it from all life’s harshness. The see-through exhibition back is a nice thing to watch when you are absolutely free. It clears stress, believe me.

So, do I already own it? Nay, not so fast. I haven’t been to the wilder side of life for a long time so I must prepare myself to put this extreme watch under some extreme tests for which, I need to wait till Winter. Tissot is not affected by heat,I know that. Not by cold either, but it will be bit comfortable for me.

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