Looks, alone, has been the defining criteria in my watch purchases maybe for a couple of times; surprisingly, both have been Fossil-s. Whether that puts me in the league of serious watch collectors or not is seriously not my concern; there are places to wear a Tissot or a Hamilton and there are places where you can wear a Fossil. If you are wearing the latter at a black tie event you are a knob; if you are wearing it for the corporate dinner, you are smart – though the Aeroflite being discussed here is suitable for neither. So, question remains, what did I buy it for?

Well, there has to be an exception to every rule. My weaknesses are busy dials and complex functions, but sometimes, you just want to leave everything behind and want to feel light and free. This Aeroflite I find just appropriate for such times; out on the Saturday morning buying the following weeks supplies and then a beer on the way back home; well, the light and breezy, flieger-styled Aeroflite is a lot of relief on those days.

The biggest plus-point about the Aeroflite is you don’t see too many like it today. It’s simple, yet impeccably finished; its leather band giving out a rich, thick impression. Despite its entry level appearance, it is a strikingly attractive watch and the aviator style is a big twist to what would otherwise be a plain Jane equivalent. But the looks come without a huge price tag.

The movement is a Miyota 2415, a solid and reliable Citizen engine but not an exotic one. Don’t expect a very high-end quartz movement with a Fossil, but they keep time just as good. It’s rugged, so runs without any issues.

Speaking of overall quality, there’s a reasonably nice heft to it, enough to know that it’s there where it’s supposed to be. Add to it the thickness of the leather band and suddenly, the plain faced watch turns into an excellent piece that’s – if not anything – attractive!

Any fan of Fleiger-styled watches shall find the Fossil Aeroflite a suitable, nice and inexpensive alternative – should we say a more practical and affordable variant – to their more expensive Hamilton or Seiko. It’s worth more than many of the goodlooking watches bought in the early eras of watch collecting and most probably, it will stay attractive for a longer duration unlike those impulse purchases. Unique, understated, easy to read and in a classic minimalist style, it will stand a lot of hustle and bustle. The nicely brushed finish does exactly the opposite of a high-shine polish and the slightly domed crystal indeed brings it a rich feel!

Considering one? Wear it in good health then!

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