• October 18, 2014
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When the world looks upon the light-powered watches, the name most evidently comes up is that of the Citizen Eco-Drive’s. Just like affordable mechanical watches are largely associated with Seiko. But Seiko also has their Sunny side to show. The Seiko Solar is now coming into the brand’s foreground and changing quite a few trends with their new generation of SEIKO Solar-s. There are both classic and modern designs (and combos of both) and all you need is some patience to traverse the whole lot.

Though the name reads Solar, it just not use only Sunlight. But Sunlight charges the watches better and faster, so the best way to keep them going for long is charging them for around 750 minutes (not possible at one shot) in bright Sunlight albeit not directly under a scorching sun. The reflection of light from the wall opposite to your window is bright enough for the purpose if you keep your watch on the window sill. Once you do that, a Solar movement will work to any extent between 6 and 48 months, the latter for the real high-end Seiko Solar-s. If you want to spend a night at the poles, Seiko Solar-s are good choices. Even the entry-level Seiko Solar is built to take the cold and the cracking wind.

How long does it take to move from a dead stop? Just 8 minutes, but why does that matter? Very rarely (if at all) you get a run-down Seiko Solar to buy; the info is for those extreme cases when you leave it for years in the box until you yank it out one day and you cannot get it started even after 5 mins of Sunlight.

With something so technologically advanced, expectations for other high-end functionalities show up as well but there had been too many such incidences where we went gaga on tech. This time, let me introduce you to something very different than high-tech monstrosities (in
admiring terms) and bestows upon the simplicity of classic elegance. The SNE range of Seiko-s has all built like that.Bit of a Grand Seiko influence, the clearness of the SNE models is lot better than what you see otherwise at this price point. IMHO, the Seiko Solar Powered 100M SNE361P1 looks the smartest and  fits more into the daily life. I don’t need a large tech-heavy piece when I’m traveling in the Monday-metro.

For a strictly business setting or at a formal dinner, I’ll slap on the Seiko Solar Powered 100M SNE363P2 without second thoughts. If I’m running my morning errands? I can do with the SNE363P1. If I’ve to show my face at a slightly-less-than-formal dinner? I’d go for the smartest one!

So a bit on the specs and techs and we are done! The glass is a Hardlex mineral crystal, the movement a  Caliber V158 (with a metal top plate and 2 jewels; runs on a Lith-ion power cell) and that makes possible a full run-time of 10 months.

Kind of a refreshment for a heavy palette.


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