• November 30, 2015
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It can be said the Tissot Cera withstood the trial by fire to prove its mettle and worthiness. Those who know a thing or two about the ceramics must have caught the pun by now; those who didn’t – Ceramics are hard brittle materials produced from non-metallic minerals by firing at high temperatures.

Tissot has always been into making high-tech products that use special materials and ceramics is one. The Tissot T-Lady Cera Quartz T064. Women’s Watch immediately catches attention for this exquisite material; it gives the watch a shine that makes it look both elegant on the wrist and fit for rough usage. The white and grey tone makes it an ideal all-day wear piece; it doesn’t matter if you are wearing it to the office, to the party or just when you are out for a casual shopping trip to the nearest mall. It’s an all-purpose watch that Tissot has put a lot of thought behid.

Why Tissot named it Cera? Is it for the ceramic? That too and Cera also means ‘the fiery one’. And accordingly, there’s no complication to contend with in the Cera. Its crown serves just one function (setting the time). The nice little touch comes from its dichromatic colouring, which also makes the overall design a very sleek one. The grey parts only make the white dial and links come up prominent and at the same time, makes it very smooth to the eyes. It goes well with the simplicity of the design; any other colour combination would not have been as successful in adding the touch of femininity.

Despite the soft looks, the Tissot T-Lady Cera Quartz T064. is reassuringly robust; no wild flailing is enough to bust this watch. Even if it’s steel, there remains a slight chance of collecting a dent or a scratch; with ceramics as the building material, things get tougher than that.

On the wrist, it doesn’t feel as cold as with stainless steel watches and that’s surely a plus point for them residing in colder weathers. Even long exposures to the Sun don’t heat it up as much! Another point to consider with ceramic is it reduces the weight greatly and adds to the comfort. If it’s meant to be an all-rounder watch, that’s a vital point to consider.

The greatest beauty of the Tissot T-Lady Cera Quartz T064. is you can wear it just as when you are home without being afraid of spoiling its looks and you do not have to consider another watch to wear at the parties. This one takes care of all your dressing needs and the assurance of quality craftsmanship from the Swiss watch industry shall make you earn enough compliments on your choice.

Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which ceramic watch you like the most and what for?

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