• September 26, 2015
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It’s the return of the Seiko ‘Baby Tuna’ and blimey, it’s stronger than ever! The Baby Tuna is its nickname. The reason behind the Baby Tuna was introduced is Seiko wanted to offer a more affordable and urban edition of the legendary Marine Master Tuna without sacrificing any of its impressive, professionally-oriented specifications and the qualitative construction. The Baby Tuna retains all that its elder brother has yet comes a lot cheaper; even the Prospex label and the shrouds! They are solid, fully developed and fully manufactured in-house – together; it’s a great value for money.

the new 2015 Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m ‘Baby Tuna’  represents the range of dive watches from Seiko that never fail to intrigue. It’s the beater and diver properties evenly matched in their shrouded existence and tough-as-a-nail construction. These are for the times when a real pro has no time to change into his proper tool watch and have to attend the call of duty right from the weekend party by the poolside. If you are a go-getter and live by the moment, the Baby Tuna is your watch! It fulfils all the specifications a professional might need to keep going; hence, the ProSpex labelling.

Its inception began in the 1960s; it was those times when SCUBA diving was gaining popularity. It carries the genes of Seiko’s first professional dive watch (the venerable 6217) and today, forms a part of the entire Seiko Dive collection, built with the target to seduce professional divers with their purposeful built. I is not a part of the standard Seiko mechanical line but anyone looking at it shall be able to find that out.

But the 2015 Seiko ‘Baby Tuna’ surpasses its predecessors being more than just a new edition of an icon. It qualifies as a watch that carries a truly personal aura and design tht makes it recognizable among several other divers. At 50mm, it’s quite a beast and the curved (scalloped) case-back has been built specifically as much as its upper case. The partially cut shroud is a big protection to its case and the one-way rotating bezel; besides, it helps to get a perfectly firm grip when you are turning it. This steel shroud with ceramic coating comes handy when you are wearing diving gloves, which proves once again its professional orientation and increases its overall quality.

The dial is highly legible and practical, as it is supposed to be if it is going under water. Unlike the previous edition, the indices and markings are more prominent and rounded than they used to be (straight batons) and the hands are also larger. Overall, it’s a higher level of legibility.

As for the movement, it is Seiko’s time tested 4R36, a self/manual-winding 24 jewels calibre with 41 hours of power reserve, ticking at 21.600bph. It replaced the previous, iconic 6R15 and is only more efficient and reliable.

Overall, it’s a more practical watch to strap on over a diving suit that also offers a great value for the money.

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