My newfound love for Tissot is bothering some of you. I’m aware of that; yet can’t keep the joy confined and stop sharing Tissot models I consider worth buying. I was looking for a dress watch as some of you might know; given the current situation, I am fighting impulses to block funds from flowing into a Tissot Heritage Visodate automatic. I’m least bothered with where it comes from (well, not so much; given a chance, I’ll put that money on the 1957 original); it’s this incarnation of the Visodate that catches my eye and I finally think I should stitch a suit. Simple, traditional cuts in expensive fabric – that’s what the Visodate’s simple retro design goes with. Even if it’s jeans and cargos, it looks awesome with the basic cuts.

That was my overall impression with the watches. Now, it’s according to the components.

  • The first thing that usually catches attention in a dress watch is its dial. The Visodate’s has a sapphire crystal on top; slightly domed and reflects off the glare well under bright lights. The small, raised edge adds to it the sharp look. It goes without saying I’ll prefer the black one over the other.
  • Hands got a slight curve that reflects light back. This enhances visibility big time. You are not supposed to wear it in the dark, so there’s no lume. But the hands will shine even under a dim light. The extra-long seconds-hand stretches to the edge of the dial and gives it that different look.
  • The day and date are definitely useful tools and that means it can be used at work.
  • I’m bowled over with the polish on the 40mm/11.5mm stainless steel case. Even a trace of brushed stainless steel here would spell blunder, but it easily catches fingerprints and any scratch will ruin its looks. Not if you believe it adds character to a steel watch; but in that case, it loses its dress status. Those lovely curves and smooth flows owe to the shining steel.

The press-in back is see-through but don’t rejoice too much on it. It is norm that a watch at this price range has that as a part of the package, just like the decorated movement it makes visible. In short, it’s a sleek combo.

  • I have hots for signed crowns and the Visodate has it. An embossed T that is, in the same font as in the 1957 model. The stainless steel deployant clasp has an engraving of the Tissot logo.
  • Now, to the most important part: the movement. The Swiss ETA 2836 (28,000 bph) has an accuracy of +15 sec/day out of the box, till broken in. I believe, using the hacking feature on a regular basis to set time dot on for a few days more shall expel chances of future trips to the service centers to regulate for accuracy. Worked for my Seiko 5 Sports.

My personal view is it’s a fantastic watch to buy. The quality and finish imparts into it a timeless style but you need to be careful about keeping that intact. To anyone not that passionate on the subject might find it the only reason not to like it.

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