Great Watches for Women from Guess

There is a sense that men have a greater choice of quality watches than women, yet there are some brands that are mainly focused on watches for women. Most are associated with the fashion industry and have evolved from clothing lines, and Guess Watches is no exception. This popular and innovative maker has designed some simple, classic ladies watches and continues to be one of the market leaders in classic, feminine, top quality wrist watches. Having been in the business since 1984 there is plenty of experience to draw upon, and the result is a range that is as diverse as it is impressive.

 Guess Crystal White Plastic U95198L1 Womens Watch
Guess Crystal White Plastic U95198L1 Womens Watch

The Guess range is notable for its clean and fashionable lines, and there are also watches that offer the added sparkle of crystals that make ladies watches special. The Guess Crystal White Plastic U95198L1 Women’s Watch, for instance, is a classic-look model that is as pretty as it gets. The white face and crystal-encrusted case mark this model out as a popular one for everyday wear or dress wear, and it is a superbly made watch that offers the durability of crystal glass and the accuracy provided by the Guess craftsmanship within.
Contrast this with the Guess Chronograph Quartz U13007L1 Women’s Watch, a beautiful and stylishly conceived model in black that offers a more mysterious look. There is something brooding and purposeful about this model, and it can be worn on any occasion. It looks particularly good with the classic, casual jeans and t-shirt look, and is worthy of consideration for anyone wanting a day to day, accurate timepiece. With a neat sporting touch, this model is also water resistant to 100m, enough for the amateur divers and swimmers out there.
Guess Womens Watches offers a mix of classic looks, stylish innovation and girlish beauty, and perhaps the most impressive of all is the very popular Guess G-Mix Quartz G86073L Women’s Watch, a beautifully designed bracelet-style watch that looks stunning in stainless steel, adorned with crystals and the Guess ‘G’ logo. This is a fashion watch of the highest order, a superbly made device that looks quite spectacular on the wrist. It carries the Guess trademarks of accuracy and durability while being undeniably feminine in style and, at less than $100 it is perhaps the bargain of the moment. Check out the Guess range for some of the most beautiful watches for women around.

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