Full-figured, female-friendly forms

Furla, no doubt, is a fashion watch brand, the class of watches loved and abhorred equally for their varying degrees of quality. The good ones can be really, really good indeed; reliable, accurate – with movements that wouldn’t win any beauty award contest, but might just for their steadfast perseverance. Often they will use Hattori, Epson, Miyota and the very high ones – the ETA or the Sellita and a few other names. This, however; isn’t necessary for a typical fashion watch; their real purpose is neither to be tough or spot-on accurate but to look good and appealing.

Since 2017, the luxury fashion watches market gained momentum. It polished up the lackluster to a beautiful shine. Some of the luster was lost over the earlier rocky years. Blockbuster names were also not quite moving well. Haute luxe players are now faring better than those at the lower end of the spectrum. Furla brought an impressive recovery. Furla, struggled to advance towards collective good, unlike some of the American fashion labels. They had one advantage; they are Italian. They are, after all, not bad at all in creating luxury with a skilled craftsmanship.

Furla’s new strategies were not the usual Cinderella stories which, some of their watch designs are.  Now they are operating well under the global fashion-radar. They are drawing increased curiosity and happy buyers. Their expansion efforts are commendable! Thinking long-term and investing heavily as and when needed. Luxury is never worth to be given-up. They get that point very well!

In terms of creative direction, or fresh crop; Furla’s abundance carves a niche in the international women’s fashion scenes. And it didn’t take much time, either. There was a sudden turnaround after the dull years that rendered Italian fashion sort of dead. Their reputation of being progressive wasn’t strong, which is now a changed scenario for this current slew of fresh Made in Italy fashion wrist wears. They demonstrate on the contrary; they are often fabulous combination of luxury fashion with tech. Every single unit has the Italian DNA, embodying classical elegance with innovation and easily elevating the everyday clothing styles. They are radiant !

 Furla doesn’t simply succeed in creating fashion-forward watches; by and large, they redefine Italy’s fashion narrative. This becomes especially good with high quality raw materials – a higher quality opens gates to higher artistry. Furla, though a family business, decided to run in a multinational environment. They were aware of certain facts and planned to capitalize on them. The Italian, luxury-company by the Furlanetto family learnt from international trends ever since it was founded in 1927. They also got couple more products like handbags and shoes, but that’s another story for another time. At another place.

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