This Citizen Aqualand watch lets you transfer dive log data directly to your personal computer via a PC Interface. It comes with Microsoft Windows compatible software, and instructions. The software lets you display, save and print dive data and dive graphs. It also stores diver name, buddy name, date, location and notes. You can retrieve dive profiles by date or diver name. This watch is a great tool and it looks great. This is a full-scale divers watch with digital display and an electronic depth gauge. This watch measures and displays depth as soon as you start diving, due to the water sensor. This Citizen Diver watch measures the water temperature while diving; and when not diving, the air temperature. While diving it records various log data. The case of this watch is made up of stainless steel. It has rubber band.

This Citizen Hyper Aqualand Divers Promaster watch has This watch has 5 warning functions to help you avoid any trouble or danger while diving. This watch has a battery warning function to let you know when to charge the battery. The life of the battery in this watch is about 3 years after a new battery is installed. The water resistant of this watch is 200m. This watch has a time and calendar mode which displays the present time and calendar. This watch also has a alarm mode.  Once you have set the alarm, the alarm will ring everyday at the same time like an alarm clock. The alarm rings for 15 seconds. This watch also has surface mode function which automatically measures the elapsed time (resting time on the surface) after the last valid dive is completed. This watch has alarm for Alarms for ascent rate, low battery, display or sensor errors. The diameter of this watch is 40mm without crown and its thickness is 11mm.

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Some Important Features

Citizen Hyper Aqualand Divers Promaster MA9004-21E MA9004 Computer Interface Watch
Citizen Hyper Aqualand Divers Promaster MA9004-21E MA9004 Computer Interface Watch

Professional Divers Watch
200m water resistant
Depth display and memory, current and maximum (to 80m/260ft)
Water temperature display and memory current and maximum
Dive log Memory for up to 30 dives
Dive start, finish and elapsed time memory (to 199 minutes)
Depth and water temperature log
Alarms for ascent rate, low battery, display and sensor errors
Air temperature display while above water
Elapsed surface time after dive for safety
Full auto Calendar
Screw Caseback
Mineral Glass
Stainless steel Case
Rubber Band

Diameter: 40mm without crown and 45mm with crown
Thickness: 11mm

This watch is available for US $380.00 with us.
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