We got this far; however, it’s high time we mark the differences (and similarities) clearly between a smart and a hybrid. Only then we will be able to see how a hybrid watch can benefit you. Don’t just hit the ‘Buy’ button at once.[Recap]

Points of contrasts

Knowing these so-called differences between hybrid and smart-watches will help you to find that special, something-new for your wrist easier. It’s also a sweet deviation from the traditional ideas; smart-watches can be digitally analog and ana/digi and also fully digital in appearance unlike analog hybrid watches, which connect to your smart-phone all right, but not as efficiently. Still, to the extent they go, is commendable.

Points of convergence

Hybrid watches use Bluetooth® to link with a smart phone. This way, it tracks a minute-by-minute coordination of your daily schedules. Their Auto Time Zone updating feature (the common factor) ensures precision timekeeping; current, accurate – up to the date! Geographical barriers matter not.

Smarts or hybrids, both are smart-phone-link watches. A smart, however; is not confined to just one watch face. The display and notifications are just like with your phone. There are different display options on offer.

The basics of a SMART choice

Full colored or black and white touch-screen displays are just the aesthetics; choice depends upon how well you receive notifications; and, to what extent. A display icon is less favored as a notification when there’s an option to read entire messages, irrespective of notifications. The first one might be more vivid in its display and hold other good aesthetics.

How frequently you use your smart watch and to what extent chiefly depends upon how big the internal battery is. It may last a day or it may last over the week! Battery rating is essential before choosing one. Also, water resistance; it makes wearing your smart watch almost everywhere possible to a large extent. It creates alarm sounds to alert you about starting time and ending time of an event; you may pre-program it beforehand.

Consider a fact

Remote functionality is a big plus for it helps tracking a lost smart phone; the one it’s connected to. The basic principle is very simple. Your phone’s GPS receiver establishes its position with near-100% accuracy, which you can see in your smart watch. Or, if Wi-Fi is on, then also by its ability to use triangulation of its position from access points! A world time smart phone link watch; however, shall also pull location data from your smart phone by reading signals from cell phone towers. There’s no need to rely blindfolded on GPS.

Who needs what?

A hybrid watch is designed to be an ideal solution for someone who travels a great deal; jumping time zones every now and then or maybe not that frequently. A smart watch is better-suited to an urban atmosphere, without too much fear of physical damage due to a harsh environment around.

Try both the types. Find out yourself what makes each of them interesting.

Following are the links to the smart- and hybrid watches discussed above. Click to see and buy them.


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