Today, we look at one of the most popular brands of Flieger  zeppelin watches of German origin. They are pretty much atypical of what we usually understand as Flieger or Pilot’s watches. They resemble more the instrument dials of the industrial steam-powered machinery.of the 19th-century. You’d be wrong to think that Saxon watch-making excellence is confined within just the jurisdictions of Glashütte; it spreads to Munich, where Zeppelin stands proudly to confirm the statement. Zeppelin watches are your best option if you don’t want to spend a lot for a Glashutte produce like the Lange, the IWC or the Archimede, yet want a German watch that’s respected by a watch-wearing beau monde almost as much. Expect no Top Gun-type piece (except for Night Cruise) in the Zeppelin jamboree! These sports/diver watches are entirely made for the lands and the oceans. They exude a street-fashion vibe; just what you’d need at the beach-town! The rest of the Zeppelin watches clearly exhibit the 19th century industrial design concepts. It brings the privilege of being wearable everywhere – including boardrooms and banquets. They are formal watches yet without the blandness! Zeppelin broke the norm two decades back, in 2002.

Table of Contents

01. Zeppelin watches – What are they about?
02. Getting the fleet ready: 10 Zeppelin watches for you to try in 2022
03. Getting into the Zeppelins: A detailed look at the models mentioned above
04. Conclusion: Landing the Zeppelin
05. F.A.Q.

Zeppelin watches – What are they about?

Zeppelin watches stress more upon usability rather than spending the R&D budget for extensive media coverage or celebrity endorsement. Their focus is upon them who value a good watch, intend its proper use and want it for a small sum of money. Zeppelin creates timepieces for this particular sect of watch-wearers who might come from any walk of life. The fun part is – You can’t even make out that Zeppelin watches seldom cross the three-figure mark. But when they do – be rest assured about getting it Swiss, which could very well be an ETA Valjoux 7753 or a Sellita SW290. Other movements you’ll find them using are the ETA 2824-2/SW 200, Seiko SII NE88 and Miyota 82XX, 9015, 9132 and 9133 among automatics whereas quartz movements are either ETA or Ronda. Both are Swiss in their origin. This makes you ask if they make or source from outside their other components? Are they careful about their external procurements? Why do they depend upon imports? Sourcing components from outside allows Zeppelin to keep the prices for their watches low. Willi Birk [Director, PointTec ] opted for this policy since importing cases and case backs is more cost-effective than manufacturing them in-house. PointTec appoints suppliers who build according to the specs PointTec provides. As for the other components of the Zeppelin watches, the hands are made in France; the dials in Germany, the straps and bracelets in Italy and Germany and the sapphire glasses in Switzerland. Other glasses used by Zeppelin is the Japanese K1. The designing, assembling and QC are handled by PointTEC Germany. With that much said, let’s have a look at the top 10 Zeppelin models that are bound to take you to unprecedented, sartorial heights. At a pretty slow pace; different to today’s jet-propelled, high-flying lifestyles.

Getting the fleet ready: 10 Zeppelin watches for you to try in 2022

S. No.
Watch Type
Movement Details
Product Page Link
1.      Zeppelin 100 Years ED. 1 Chronograph Automatic Dress-Chronograph ETA Valjoux 7753 27 Jewels Shop Now!
2.      Zeppelin LZ126 Los Angeles Automatic Chronograph Dress-Chronograph Seiko NE88 Shop Now!
3.      Zeppelin Night Cruise Diver-Sports Automatic Movement Calibre 9015 Shop Now!
4.      Zeppelin LZ120 Rome Dress-Formal Swiss Automatic Sellita SW 290 31-Jewel Shop Now!
5.      Zeppelin Flatline Automatic Dress-Formal Automatic Movement Caliber: 9132 26 Jewels Shop Now!
6.      Zeppelin Atlantik Dress-Formal Automatic Movement Calibre: 9133 26 Jewels Shop Now!
7.      Zeppelin 100 Years Edition 1 Dress-Casual Quartz Movement Calibre: Ronda 5130.D 6 Jewels Shop Now!
8.      Zeppelin Series LZ127 Graf GMT Smart-Casual Quartz Movement Calibre: Ronda 505.24H Shop Now!
9.      Zeppelin Series LZ 129 Hindenburg Dress Quartz Movement Calibre: Ronda 706B 5 Jewels Shop Now!
10.   Zeppelin LZ126 Los Angeles Dual Time Pulsometer Dress-Formal Quartz Movement Calibre: RONDA 6203.B Shop Now!

Getting into the Zeppelins Watches: A detailed look at the models mentioned above

1. Zeppelin 100 Years ED. 1 Chronograph Automatic:

Zeppelin This watch attracts appreciation; not empty compliments. Refinement and elegance makes the Zeppelin 100 Years ED. 1 Chronograph Automatic a highly versatile watch that can be worn just everywhere! The model celebrates 100 years of the Graf Zeppelin Air Ship and incorporates a fully decorated, Valjoux 27-jewel automatic chronograph movement. Its other attractions are:
  • White sword hands.
  • Black dial.
  • Satin finished traditional case.
  • Tachymeter scale.
  • Quick-set date feature with a dedicated pusher.
  • Stopwatch functions with a 30-minutes counter and 12-hour totalizer.
  • Domed sapphire.
  • Exhibition case back.
  • Rich leather strap.
The watch has an excellent build quality that can be compared with much more expensive Glashutte and Swiss produces. Don’t expect it to be feather-light. It’s all metal, glass and leather; heavy and thick in their gauges! To compensate for lightness, the watch delivers a very solid, well-built feel. Under pressure or stress, this watch will easily survive. The chronograph pushers deliver a firm click, hitting that tactile sweet spot that takes just enough pressure for a satisfactory activation of the stopwatch. There’s no play between the parts.

2. Zeppelin LZ126 Los Angeles Automatic Chronograph

ZEPPELIN Watches chronographs are one among the best German watches that are held in very high regards. Just  two decades old, they have marked their presence with their automatic chronograph range. The LZ126 Los Angeles chronograph is a new addition to the collection. It comes with enhanced features and functionalities, taking Zeppelin one-step closer to the premium luxury German watches. . The watch pays homage to the first long-distance passenger airship that crossed the oceans. It’s unique for being the first lower mid-range yet thoroughbred chronograph using the column wheel and vertical clutch mechanism. The dial is a very classic and comprehensive one with a tri-compax sub-dial layout. It has the small second positioned at 3, the hour-hand of the stopwatch at 6 and the stopwatch minute hand at 9. There’s a pulsometer scale alongside the tachymeter scale, which can’t be found in any other watches at this price point. It’s a smart adornment for the doctor or whoever that knows how to detect pulse rates. The rectangular blocks of steel that make up the pushers has tactical advantage. A slight push is enough to activate the chronograph, the rectangular heads offering more surface area for an even distribution of force. It ensures you don’t miss out on timely starts and stops. The LZ126 Los Angeles is a proof that high-end characteristics can be made accessible at smaller price points. Its outstanding readability and robustness marks an entirely different avenue in the realms of purpose-driven watches. It’s a watch that’s different in many aspects from the oversized watches with a multitude of complex functions and not exactly user-friendly.

3. Zeppelin Night Cruise:

Zeppelin watches The Zeppelin Night Cruise is an excellent embodiment of elegance and reliability. The Night Cruise’s dial design portrays the aerial views of cities at night. The chunky, sporty watch uses a Miyota 9015 automatic movement made by Citizen. The Zeppelin Night Cruise is a divers’ watch based on the designs of old pilot watches. It is designed for use in water and on land, making it a great piece for outdoor use. There are several retro influences that go into the Night Cruise, which has been found to appeal to a larger consumer base. The black PVD coated unidirectional, rotating bezel is a countdown timer. The satin-finished stainless steel case is fitted with a see through case back through which the working of the movement can be seen. The thick, rich, genuine, tough leather strap and its decorative stitching ensures you never feel uncomfortable wearing the watch. .The watch is 200 m water resistant. Change from the leather to rubber strap for using it outdoors. You can wear the Zeppelin Night Cruise watch anywhere, irrespective of land, air or sea. You can use it for every purpose that doesn’t require you to follow stringent formal dress codes. It is hardy enough to be used for vigorous, outdoor activities.. .

4.Zeppelin LZ120 Rome:

This is a really cool watch for a real classy man, its elegant design going perfectly well with business and other formal outfits; even with smart casuals. A movement that’s renowned for its reliability, sturdiness and precision, it sits inside a case carved from a high quality stainless steel block. The material and shape of the watch case offers maximum wearing comfort and an immense visual pleasure. Its 50m water resistance ensures you can wear it for recreational water sports. You need to replace the leather strap with a strap or band made from silicon or rubber or steel. Through the window on the case back, you can see the Sellita SW 290 automatic movement in action. This 31-jewel automatic is fairly undecorated, resembling an ETA 2824-2 up to quite a bit. 5. Zeppelin Watches Flatline Automatic The Flatline series brings an elegant range of watches with an entirely new dial layout showing the 45-hours power reserve and a 24-hour indicator..The power reserve is offset at 30°, imparting a look that’s unusually striking. The watch is powered by a Citizen-Miyota Caliber 9132 automatic (self-winding) movement with 26-jewels. It is visible through the transparent case back. The Flatline is an extremely handsome dress watch with a clean, legible presentation. It is a smart choice for corporate people. Its slim, purposeful lines are in accordance with the Bauhaus school of design. Its balanced layout within a non-imposing case construction makes it a watch you can wear to the high places.

6.Zeppelin Atlantik: Zeppelin 8462-5 Atlantic Automatik Powerreserve : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry The Atlantic is a watch that looks good and is technically solid. The impression it creates is a long-lasting one. Its details are all finely crafted; they are finished to excellence. The needle-thin seconds and sub-dial hands throw a sharp contrast to the dauphine hour and minute hands. From the white dial to the fine, sharp markings on it to the sturdy, shiny stainless steel case; everything stands as an element of surprise. The glowing dial is one among them.The entire dial glows in the dark and not the hands and the indices! Truly, it’s an automatic watch that goes into just any situation and emerges as a winner!

7.Zeppelin 100 Years Edition 1:

The 100 years Edition 1 is a refined watch with an exceptionally high quality appearance. With a 42mm/11mm 316L stainless steel case, this quartz chronograph stands for authenticity, reliability and style. The chronograph can track time for 12 hours at a stretch. The watch also shows time in a second-time zone and has an alarm that you can set to ring once every 12-hours.The telemeter and tachymeter scale lets you do simple calculations regarding time and distance. Powered by a Ronda 5130.D, quartz-controlled, 6 jewels Swiss movement, the 100 years Edition 1 from Zeppelin is one of the coolest and smartest watch you’ll find in today’s world.

8. Zeppelin Series LZ127 Graf GMT

It’s a smart looking, high-quality watch. It bases upon retro design aspects yet maintains its individuality well. Its pleasant chunkiness doesn’t come with a great deal of weight which you might find a constraint to your normal arm movements. It’s reasonably lightweight and doesn’t restrict your normal arm movements. It is an aesthetically pleasing watch with classic, vintage looks that are carefully thought about and not a direct application of some age-old design. It is tastefully retro-styled and runs on a Swiss RHONDA 505.24D movement. Its size and face are attractive features that match a wide variety of colors and styles.

09. Zeppelin Watches Series LZ 129 Hindenburg

The Hindenburg is a very unique time piece. There is no other watch like it at this price range. It has an interesting design and offers quite a few, unique elements of surprise. There’s no redundancy in terms of its functions or style. The case shape and leather strap make it extremely comfortable to wear. The dial runs nearly edge-to-edge, bringing a great wrist presence. The silvery-white dial is very versatile and elegant to look at. The Zeppelin Hindenburg can be used for moderately intense, outdoor, corporate sports like tennis and golf. It is entirely a formal wear and the perfect watch to wear at the office. The watch shows day and date through subdials, moon phases through the cut-out at 6 and weeks of the year (52 in total) with the red moon-crescent at the end of the seconds-hand. This is a feature not easily found in other watches at this price!

10.  Zeppelin LZ126 Los Angeles Dual Time:

Think about the Los Angeles Dual Time watch as a nostalgic return to the early days of scientific medical equipment. Its dual time feature is added with a pulsometer scale, which is a handy feature to any medical professional or to anyone who know how to read pulse rates. The Swiss quartz caliber (Ronda 6203.B) is a robust, precise and almost zero-maintenance movement. It is shock resistant, anti-magnetic and deviates at a maximum of 20 seconds per month. The blue scale indicates day/night for the second-time zone.

Conclusion: Landing the Zeppelin Watches

As we have heard about German manufacturing, its brilliance and lasting; watches from POINTtec, too, live up to the stature! They truly uphold the rich tradition of German watch making. The Zeppelin watches are distinctively styled after the instruments and measuring gauges in the airships back in the late 1800-s and early 1900s. They are daring and provocative to look at. They have created a sensation among the international watch-loving communities that prefer classic styled watches with a technical inclination. Zeppelin watches now stand as innovative pieces that make bold fashion statements. Think about the Los Angeles Dual Time watch as a nostalgic return to the early days of scientific medical equipment. Its dual time feature is added with a pulsometer scale, which is a handy feature to any medical professional or to anyone who know how to read pulse rates. The Swiss quartz caliber (Ronda 6203.B) is a robust, precise and almost zero-maintenance movement. It is shock resistant, anti-magnetic and deviates at a maximum of 20 seconds per month. The blue scale indicates day/night for the second-time zone.


Zeppelin Watches uses only quality cores or movements from renowned Swiss and Japanese manufacturers irrespective of quartz or mechanical/automatic varieties. Usually, it is ETA/Valjoux, Sellita and Ronda among the Swiss movement manufacturers and Miyota and Seiko from Japan.

Zeppelin watches use Swiss-made sapphire glasses and Japan-made, sapphire-coated K1 safety glasses. They are highly resistant to scratches and shattering.

Only the best materials in the market are used to lume the Zeppelin dials, hands and indices. They are non-radioactive and non-toxic with charging period approx between 6 and 10 hours under a bright Sun for an overnight glow.
The rate of deviation in Zeppelin watches, like in every other watch, varies depending on the movement used. They seldom go out of the – 10 / + 30 seconds/day threshold (for mechanicals) and -0.5 to +0.7 seconds/day (for quartz).
Highly qualified German watch makers design, assemble and quality-check all Zeppelin watches, at PoinTec’s own facility. The company procures the cases from selected case makers in China to keep the costs low, some of the most renowned Swiss brands alike. The Zeppelin watches use hour, minutes and seconds hands made in France; their dials are made in Germany, their straps and bracelets in Italy and Germany and the glasses/crystals in Switzerland and Japan.
Keep dropping in to leave your replies below. State which one from the above watches you’d like to go for the most and reasons behind it.