Long story short, you want to buy a watch. Had it been Gonzo, there would have been a lot of philosophizing prior getting to the point; but I’m not and I do not like wasting other’s or my own time. You want a watch that you and everybody else would like to see on your wrist and you must also feel confident to face the Gonzo. It always feels better to be appreciated, even with a low budget.

So let it be something that’s a bit of flash, fairly recognizable and will form a lifetime relationship. Taken that you are above 25, with a proper corporate job, in suits and ties every day; unless your watch is office-appropriate, it won’t count. But at the same time, it should be distinctive, interesting and if not a great, then at least, with a decent history. It must also be laudably simple and versatile. You can’t risk a purchase to be a potential source of laughter…or at least, a future disappointment.

That brings us to Tissot. I really don’t need to go bla-bla on its 160 years of history; that saves a lot of time and energy. They are global, affordable and famous and despite belonging to the Swatch group, they still retain their heritage and their Swiss credentials. These include the COSC-grade movements and long hours of power reserve.

In this regard, the Powermatic 80 needs to be mentioned first. 80-hours of power reserve is something serious, but without a serious price tag. The ETA C07.111 is one of the most affordable mechanical movements; novel too and remarkable! True, it’s not a whopping couple of weeks long, but then again, it doesn’t come with a whopping price. At under $1,000, it does seem strange; especially, when the movement also comes decorated and it succeeds aesthetically.


The Powermatic, IMHO, is modern, refined and sleek; it’s the steel dial that makes it so. Monochromatic it may be, subtle too but it comes with such eye-catching details that it takes you aback while making it stand out from the rest. Yes, even from the higher priced Swiss watches with a plain face. Does plain mean flavourless? No; quoting Gonzo, in my not so humble opinion, it’s noteworthy. Plain can be attractive and the Powermatic 80 proves that big time.

Plain also means conservative, which it should be for a daily wear; still, there’s a subtle hint of sportiness that also goes with it. This is surely a step-up from Tissot; making an attractive line of watches without being loud or lewd. This is the true sense of artistry, without trying to push any envelope.

Conclusion? Nice looks and straightforward designs together go a long way!

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