The market is becoming increasingly interested in mechanical, automatic watches again. Today’s mechanical movements have met better technical excellence; old technology built with new technical help constructs a fresh spirit in their working principles. Traditional watch making now have become high-tech and it reflects by the sales. Longines started selling more and more mechanical timekeepers and the ‘Longines Elegance’ series with its winged hourglass logo is a most sought after range.

The Elegance series is a combination of several different qualities about the entire construction of its watches. It is normal for Longines to hold some typical fascinations with subtle proportions, so many of their Elegants are decorated with diamonds. It could be the bezels or on the dials; you never know.

The Elegance series, as a whole, is mostly oriented with aesthetics. This made them create chiefly quartz watches; these automatics are the rare among the line. Basic calibres, yet beautifully done, with precision. The calibre L619/L888 is a mechanism ETA made exclusively for use by Longines. It is never to be found on another brand. is a self winding mechanical movement beating at 28’800 vibrations per hours. You can stock it up for 42 hours of power reserve. It shows hours, minutes, seconds and date.

The Longines Elegant automatic men’s watches put masculine elegance to charm. It makes these watches an everyday style while the uncomplicated movement (nevertheless a complication) is resistant to the harshness of a busy, urban life. Its performance is completely effortless.

Refined and polished surgical steel holding a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to protect the face, the format is pretty much the same. Even for women. I personally feel the more classically oriented Longines Elegant Automatic Power Reserve L4.910.4.11.6 Women’s Watch  surpasses all in the ladies’ category.

The Elegants are sophisticated and timeless, lending classical designs to sleek lines and making some typical of the iconic Longines timepieces. The sophisticated design aesthetic appear further enhanced with the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, proving that elegance is more about an attitude than abstraction. The fusion between sophistication and Swiss excellence brings a few distinguished timepieces to complement any occasion.

The men’s models have quite a few white and black dials with diamond accented hour markers as enhancements. ‘Decorated simplicity’ – if it can be put that way. It makes a big impact and these masculine watches show-off a refined style. Perfect every day, perfect for every day – they are true gentlemen’s watch!

Both can be said are simple, classic and clean otherwise; the Longines Elegant Automatic Collection complements business dress and casuals equally. The strong devotion to tradition, craftsmanship and performance, Longines Elegance Series is an exceptional range to own. Their elegance is not just in their names but in their nature, embodying perfectly the Longines’ classic spirit of zero-frills!

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