Let’s not get into any tilt on whether you can really compare watches to armaments. Cartier had built a Tank earlier and built like a tank is a phrase used often in the watch-dom; so deductive logic does the rest and I’m more than happy calling them so. It’s the ocean of time, so it fits even better.

Whatever it may be…but we need to look back at 1913 first. The Seiko Laurel (the first wrist watch ever built by Seiko; to be true, in entire Japan.) set off a tradition of innovations and in 2013 the Laurel reached its centenary. Staying one step ahead of the competition is in Seiko’s blood, so one of its most innovative technologies now comes in three (primarily) different forms. All house the Seiko Kinetic movement; the only type turning kinetic energy into electrical power. This drives an electronic movement and the watch functions.

The Kinetic has one-second-a-day precision; it’s reliable, durable, eco-friendly and low-maintenance; so highly suitable for affluent young adults who long luxury watches but have little no idea in watch care.

The Premier are; the regal members of the Kinetic range while the Anniversary models are even higher regalia. These come with the Kinetic Direct Drive caliber; the power produced not only by the rotor but also by the turn of the crown. The power gain can be seen real-time by the indicator’s movement on the dial. On the outside, they come with a newly re-sculpted Premier case, clearly drawing from classic inspirations.

While with Sportura, Seiko matedSportura perpetual energy production to a (almost) perpetual day-count (till February, 2100). A fine example of masterful energy management, Sportura Kinetic caliber watches conserve energy by passing into sleep mode if not touched for 24 hours at a stretch. They keep counting the time et al silently, though; wake it up with a few jerks and it will display again the present time and date.

VKDDThis part is useless unless you have real hots for Velatura or marine sports. It’s the watch of choice among sailing professionals (49er/Olympic Class) and leading athletes. To be true, the Velatura was built to meet the demands of the 49er; all those rigors to their highest levels. The Velatura line also embraces the Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase concept albeit under pro-settings; its deep and warm tones signifying both the water and stellar bodies and the curvature of the glass is a miniature of the horizon.

Missed out on flagship at the beginning. Another point that fortifies my logic behind the battleship theory. Truth be told, there might be many snazzy stuff laid around with all sorts of gimmickries they can do. They are good for a few years and then the charm goes off. Want an everlasting beauty, look among the battleships.

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