Sports Watches – A Popular Trend

Watches have long been associated with sport, and these days many of the world’s top sportsmen and women endorse well-known brands. Some more famous and celebrated examples can be found coming from the precision brand Richard Mille. This top-end maker of exquisite watches has models endorsed by the Ferrari racing driver Felipe Massa and tennis legend Rafael Nadal among others. These are handmade in very small production runs, and cost anywhere up to $100,000! To own one of these you would have to be very rich, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a watch from one of the brands endorsed by your hero!

 Tissot T Sports Autoquartz Mens Watch
Tissot T Sports Autoquartz Mens Watch

Basketball star Tony Parker, for instance, famously endorses the Tissot Watches range, a brand we are proud to stock at Creation Watches, while prestigious brand Rolex has a roster of stars promoting its products, including golfing legend Tiger Woods. The likes of Tag Heuer and Omega have long-standing relationships with sporting bodies as the official time-keeping brands, and Oris is a big name in the world of motor-racing. It’s all about getting your name associated with the right people, and with watches being among the most desirable of all items at the moment it no surprise more brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

Indeed, an investment expert was asked recently which areas are performing best in terms of return at the moment: his answer was property, classic cars and watches. Of course, not everybody can afford to invest in a Patek Philipe, but there are still many beautiful watches from some well-regarded brands out there at excellent prices and, after all, you want something you can wear rather than keep in a bank vault! There really has never been a better time to but a classy, precision watch, and never has there been more choice available.

Sports Watch, or those associated with sporting personalities, are many and there are some bargains to be had if you want to be seen wearing the same as your favorite NBL or Nascar star. These are the models that, quite possibly, may be the investments of the future, collectables that are on the cusp of making it big very soon. Look carefully at the options and you will see a number of designs inspired by a variety of sports, and there is sure to be something for you among them. For very little investment you can wear the same watch as your hero!

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