Here’s a thought for old gentleman willing to get their grandsons a Christmas gift. Or graduation gifts, or simply a gift!

Among old-timers, this meant (and still, in some cases – means) something. To be fair, the younger generation too desire a good one; just bit scared to put down the money (surprisingly, this is not how they behave towards a smartphone). So, grandpa-s are great helps to make that happen.

Unless things are really bent out of shape, a grandpa shall stay very proud of the man his grandson is becoming. So he’ll always want to gift him something amazing and start him on his next adventures in life. The watch – in olden days – was the symbol of an able man, so it fits into the spot rightly. It’s good if grandpa knows about watches; if he knows little about them, it’s a concern. Doing right by the grandson is vital!

Most of you are inclined towards the classic watch – the way you always had it, but I find a second reason too. Classic styles stand the test of time and that’s proven. A heavily tech-laden watch might look outdated 20 years from now; a classic watch won’t.

On the other hand – A young man’s tastes and the way he wants to come across are vital and this is not a wild guess – Men must appear STRONG! So the vote goes for not-too-flashy, mechanical, sports watches. The generation gap comes in. But here, what we are trying is to find him a good match. For that, we will not hesitate to invade even the electro-mechanical zones!

The best way to settle this matter is creating a list comprising from both categories and this is what I find quite reasonable. These will fairly shape you up for further researches if the list falls short. You’ll know the lanes to go in and those you will not.

Obviously the first name that comes up is that of Seiko’s; they have built some of the best stuff around in the past few decades. Their watches come in two categories: the Classically entertaining and the Intellectually rich. That’s to say: The Premier and the Astron and these are what you will find in between. Whether your grandkid is the outgoing, sporty type or the regular in family gatherings or both, there’s one (or more) for him there!

Casio has some nice stuff to suit the athletic kind…the one actively into sports. Do not dis-esteem the name; it is not the cheap, digital watches you saw on the sidewalk!  The G-Shock will sweep you both (you and your grandson) off your feet, if you already haven’t seen one. They got kind of a specialistlook (and tools) and is a respectable, everyday watch in a large part of sportsdom and tactical job fields. Surely, most of them won’t go with a suit (except wet suits or some other pro-suits); for his team meets and out-of-station post-tournament formal assemblies, you might just consider the the T-Touch. It is also for him who wants to hold a regular job in future and spend weekends in the city! It’s the safest way to play, for it has the best of both worlds!