Watch wearing habits and the name of Casio are no stranger to each other; most of us got Casio as their first high-school watch. The trend still continues; only the products got much better. The somewhat tough Casio digital watches emerged as the Casio G-Shock, symbolizing toughness rivaled by none! No other watch maker till date could give their creations this amount of toughness, but the fanatics at Casio decided taking G-Shock a step higher. Now that there is the Master of G series, things are few degrees tougher than the rest in the family.

The real use for the Master of G series of watches is in real, purposeful fields. Tailored for the extreme, this is the lineage of the G-Shock Frogman. It’s an extremely popular model from Master of G. Survives rough lands, muddy soil and underwater. The rough-and-ready nature of the watches make them ideal for hard, manual labor, anywhere. Dust, rock, sand or harsh metal, it doesn’t matter unless it’s tank. But may be, even then.

As far as the shape goes, the Frogman boasts of a unique asymmetry. It’s bold and blatant at the same time and are the only watches till date to exhibit a creative representation of absolute whim. But it’s the assymmetry that helps the case to suck up bangs and bumps thi easy.

Last year’s releaase had been the Limited Edition Navy-Themed Frogman, a sub-series, further specialized for professionals facing corrosive and condensation-promoting environment for prolonged hours frequently. These Frogman watches are extra-protected to prevent water seepage. A large part of that comes from the case design; it prevents dust, sand and moisture from wreaking havoc.

Does that mean only pro-s shall go after it? No; it’s for anyone who simply wants a watch that he doesn’t have to babysit. With extreme rough usage and deliberate banging around, they are expected to go for a decade; anything lesser shall stretch it to 15 years or more. But now, this model is hard to come across. If you get one, buy it.

For those not looking for such extreme Master of G watches might like the 30th Anniversary Frogman Editions. Still, these meet the tech specs for scuba diving. But, to select the best Frogman, know the few pivotal points and play around with the rest. These include anything between dual-illuminators and world time.

That’s to say: What are the common characteristics of a Frogman? Distinguishing features are a Solar-powered (branded as Tough Solar Power) movement, an ISO 6425 (divers’ watches standard) certification, atomic timekeeping and the Tide & Moon Graphs. Hardcore divers and outdoor adventurers shall be delighted. Also, lookout for the limited edition MRG-1100-2. It’s titanium and that says it all!

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