It was tough putting up with the demands of this niece I have who, recently, got into thump-ing and already earned 4 bruises from the kick-pedal backlashes. You must be thinking what went wrong with her former G-1200BD-1A. Nothing, it’s just that women need more, be it anything under the Sun. Somehow she convinced herself that the G-Shock goes only with her exclusive-wear and here she caught on to her – perhaps the most important – point, which is, I didn’t shell out even a dime during the previous purchase! Her dad paid for it and the rest was a part of her monthly allowances. So, it’s my turn now, especially when the festive seasons are near.

What a world we are livin’ in! We are still not fully done with tyranny and Fascism!

To cut the long story short, it was the Casio G-Shock Vibration Alert that we went to see at the local dealer. I entertained people on the road too; the guy riding pillion! I must admit here she rides pretty good considering her age and her long and lanky structure; one thing I noticed is she doesn’t rush, takes up or brakes down abruptly.

Till this day I wasn’t aware of what one-hundred-percent function means; got to keep up with the nu-age lexicon. Later I learnt it means no-nonsense. This rugged man watch is a fine example. Good to know she considers the feature and tools in it sensible, which means she’ll go a long way. I don’t expect climbing or kayaking, just hiking or long rides would do fine.

Whether I influenced the purchase is a different question altogether, so we’ll avoid it now and shall keep it that way. However, I must mention it: The G-Shock Vibration Alert doesn’t cut down on the must-have features for functionality or the other way round and this is a point we both agreed, gladly. Often people pay extra for tide graph and moon phase, which are strictly professional tools and got no practical use unless you are into water sports or fishing. My niece isn’t into it, so that saved me a lot of money.  There’s a flash alert too; it tells time in all the 35 Time Zones, splits seconds to 1/100th of it, sports a countdown timer, 5 separate alarms, hourly time signal and a full auto-calendar till the year 2099! These are stuff any urban teen will die for.

Another point we agree upon is its G-Shockdurability, an essential point, that is; unless the watch feels right on the wrist (also in the head), there’s no need to wear it. The strength takes your worries off and you can swing your arm anyway you like.

So we came home and placed the order online. Two days later, her dad and mom shouted at me again (and possibly cursed too, this time) for “…wasting money”. But well, elders are always like that. They always agree to one more last time.

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