Calling all G-Shock lovers to assemble. The G-Shock GM-2100 has been an amazing start to the decade for Casio after somewhat of a mixed bag lineup in the previous one. Since the GA-2100 Casioak series was an instant hit with G-Shock lovers, Casio decided to experiement with a new design in the same series, and we are already fans of the Casioak metal GM-2100.

If you squint hard, you may be able to notice a resemblance to the octagonal shape of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series, a feature that earned the title Casioak. The GM-2100 introduced a metal casing to the scene while retaining the same octagonal shape.

The original Casioak GA-2100 series has been popular consistently. Standing here, is the metal casing of the GM-2100 enough to beat the resin model and become one of the best Casio watches for men? We’re about to find out.

The “Casioak” Design

The GM-2100 may not be bringing anything distinctly new to the Casio G shock watches table feature-wise, but the design definitely wins it points. After a long run with sturdy resin, G Shock lovers were looking forward to some sort of development, and Casio didn’t disappoint. Replacing the resin casing with stainless steel casing in what people are calling the “Metal Casiaok” has done wonders as far as innovative looks go.  

In a word, the G Shock metal looks more luxurious. The octagonal steel bezel looks smooth and polished. There are currently four versions of this collection, a classic steel one, a red, a green and a navy-blue one. The primary difference in each watch being the color of the dial. Other than that, the metal casing and the resin strap remain same throughout.

If we had to vote on it, the classic steel one would win. There’s just a premium feel to it. Although we fear that any type of scratches may be visible in the silver color of the steel case. When comparing it to the GA-2100, the black version maybe better at not displaying any scratches and impacts.

There’s also the matter of hand-feel. While the GA-2100 gives a snug fit like any other G Shock watches for men, the GM-2100 may feel a bit daunting on first wear. It typically takes a few wears to get used to the G shock metal, but after that there’s no going back.

While the resin GA-2100 is a great beater watch with the reliability of G Shock, the GM-2100 gives a dressier feel. At times it is even easy to forget that the G Shock metal watch is part of Casio’s most popular lineup that can survive the roughest wear and tear. But apart from a brand new look, you still get the same old reliability as from any other Casio G Shock watches.

Casio G Shock Features

Sharing the Casio G Shock DNA, it goes without saying that both the GA-2100 and GM-2100 are one of the sturdiest Casio watches for men out there. Except the design, both the models in the Casioak collection pertain the same features. These watches are an amazing combination of beater and driver, and can survive almost anything out there.

Typically, the Casioak collection features a 200m water resistance that is just perfect for everyday use. Much like the predecessor, the G Shock metal Casioak also features a battery life of 3 years, a stopwatch function along with up to 5 alarms daily. Wearers also get the added convenience of an auto-calendar that is always correct , and a world time function. There’s also a stopwatch with day and date feature on the analog-digital hybrid display. For those who know the G Shock, they know that the Casioak lineup is a must-have.

Price Point: GM-2100 vs GA-2100

If there aren’t any additions to the features of the already popular GA-2100, then why the huge difference in the price point? This has been a hang-up for long time Casio G Shcock fans. Many of them can’t decide if the price point is actually worth the design. Let’s break it down.

Looks wise, the GM-2100 is worlds apart from the GA-2100, and for watch collectors and enthusiasts, this excuses the difference in the pricing. While the GA-2100 looks very typical of Casio G Shock lineup, the GM-2100 stands out for the unique metal casing.

The G Shock metal looks more luxurious and premium with smoother finish than the resin models. If imagination is allowed to run wild, it can also be said the GM-2100 looks almost futuristic. The design is a reminder of those 2000’s sci-fi movies where the people of the future wore clothing that were exclusively shiny and smooth and looked so mettalic.

While we’re focusing on looks, it’s also apparent at a glance that the GA-2100 can never be passed as anything other than a sporty beater. The G Shock GM-2100 on the other hand has the potential to be passed off as a dress watch in some events.

If you’re looking for a great beater with many color choices and ample options for modding at an affordable rate, the GA-2100 will do the job splendidly. But watch lovers know that this works in favor of the GM-2100. The steel casing does not allow modding options and there are fewer design variations, making the metal Casioak more exclusive and worth the price tag it comes in.

Metal vs Resin: Who’s the winner?

Personal preference plays a big factor when you’re choosing a watch. Ultimately, some people prefer the classic resin comfort when going for the reliability of Casio G Shock watches. But here’s the thing, considering the bold, new design, the price point and the features, the GM-2100 is clearly a better choice for watch lovers and enthusiasts. It’s a worthy addition to the already beloved Casioak collection.

If we’re thinking of a downside, it is only the lack in variety. We’re hoping Casio eventually updates the GM-2100 with bonus features and even design upgrades., and with a few more color variations, the G Shock metal has the potential to be one of the best G Shock watches for men.

Outside the comfort of resin strap, our opinion is that the G Shock GM-2100 is a must-add to your watch collection, be it for the looks, the features or the exclusivity. For long time fans, this is a simple decision, really. The innovation of the metal casing clearly rules as a worthy successor to the resin watch.

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