A review of Casio G Shock Radio Atomic Controlled Multiband 5 GW-M5600A-9JF

This Casio G shock Radio Atomic Controlled Multiband 5 GW-M5600a-9JF is a Popular multiband model in vivid and stylish yellow. This G-shock automatically synchronizes with atomic clocks in 5 regions of the world they are North America, UK, Germany, China and Japan. The accuracy of this watch is unbeatable. It also has a solar powered quartz movement that enhances battery life.  The built in battery of this watch stores the electrical energy generated by solar cell. This watch has a radio-Controlled Atomic Timekeeping function. This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates its time setting accordingly. This watch adjusts its time setting automatically in accordance with a time calibration signal. The watch receives the time calibration signal automatically upto six times a day. When any auto receive is successful, the remaining auto receive operation are not performed. This watch also has world time features and the world time mode shows you the current time in 48 cities in 29 time zones around the world. The stopwatch of this watch lets you measures elapsed time, split times, and two finishes. It also includes Auto-Start. This watch also has countdown time features. You can set the countdown timer within a range of one to 60 minutes. This watch also has five independent daily alarms. The watch has an Electro Luminescent panel that causes the entire display to glow for easy reading in the dark. The watch’s auto light switch illuminates the display automatically when you angle the watch towards your face. This watch also has daylight Saving timer which advances the time setting by one hour from Standard time. This watch also have power saving function.

The water resistant of this Casio G shock Atomic watch is 200m. The face of this watch is made up of mineral crystal. The case material of this watch Resin and its strap is made up on Urethene. This watch is a very light weight watch approx. 51.7 g.

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Casio G Shock Radio Atomic Controlled Multi Band 5 GW-M5600A-9JF
Casio G Shock Radio Atomic Controlled Multi Band 5 GW-M5600A-9JF

Some Important Features :

Wave Ceptor (US, EU and Japan)
Shock resistant
Solar powered
200m water resistant
World time 48 cities
Mineral crystal face
1/100-second stopwatch
Countdown timer (Countdown range: 60 min)
5 independent daily alarms
Battery power indicator
Power saving
12/24-hour format
Electro-luminescent backlight
Case size: 46.7 X 43.2 X 12.7 mm
Weight 51.7 g

This watch is available for US $279.00 with us
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