Being a fairly frequent buyer, a part of my weekly activities – mostly leisures – is searching for them and shortlisting the yearly (or, at most cases, half-yearly) purchase. Those reading me for sometime will know I object on bad pairing, not the product itself. I discriminate none and hold no hard and fast rules as Gonzo does.

So when the smooth and easy styled Four Dials(EF-329D-7AV and EF-328D-7AV) Edifice-s came in hands, it came with much delight.

I got that much sense not to compare the Four Dials with this Citizen Analog Dual Time (see pic on left) but I will keep the latter for exclusive lunches, dinners, dates and drives. The 4-dials are more suitable for usual going-out with the family, friends and colleagues. Keep the Citizen for weddings and high-profile meets.

With that much said, let’s see what’s there to see in the 4-dials. A rock-hard built, the first thing you are going to notice upon holding it. Every alignment complete. No jagged edge!

The recent hots are on analogue displays, so Casio pays some very careful attention to it. Everything under the glass are mapped accurately and clarity knows no bounds! The silver tone gives out a dull gleam and makes it look stunning, on or off the wrist. Impeccably designed, stylish is not the word that keys it out too well.

I’m against Gonzo’s idea of a different watch for different dress patterns, so I approve the Four Dials EF-328D-7AV for the wedding suits as well. Fine if you frown but if you ever intend trying, you may; that’s my point. Else, I think we agree it goes for anywhere between the office and the posh hang-outs including those allowing long, cool dips alongside. The 100-meters water resistance comes handy both for swimming and the rain-dance.

It is also not necessary for a dress-watch to come expensive even if it maintains high quality throughout. The teaming of elegance with technology and craftsmanship is not – by hard and fast rules – tied to a sky-high price. It’s possible at an affordable price and Casio shows that through their 4 dials. Their exquisite designs shall appeal even to the ultra-macho wrist-plate-fascinated lot, with a lump of glass stuck o’er it.  45mm is a pretty decent size and a thickness of 11mm imparts a rugged feel amongst all that finery. This is going to be kind  of assuring for them looking to shift from big and heavy sports watches.

Casio plays a clever trick here; instead of opening just little windows, they dedicate entire sub-dials for the day, date and months, one for each. The 24-hour indicator now has company! Together, they hit all the points that allures starters and long-timers alike.

Despite little annoyances from Gonzo, it was great pleasure talking ‘bout somethings I really liked. Thank you for listening.

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