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PRG-270-1A_MEDOnly US$ 175 – Click for details

We have just added some new Casio Protrek watches to our stock. And I have to say we are pleasantly surprised with this line-up – Casio has definitely outdone themselves here. The sensor in these watches is much smaller and much more accurate than the previous iterations and the best part is they are surprisingly affordable – only US$ 175 for this initial stock!

As usual, they feature a multitude of features – altimeter, compass, barometer, thermometer, world time, alarm to name a few. This is the ultimate outdoors watch – there is very little this watch cannot do. And at a surprisingly low price of only US$ 175.

Casio has improved on the form factor on these watches as well – they fit great on the wrist! These watches are tough solar – so forget about changing batteries – they are solar powered with a healthy 6 month power reserve and a charge indicator. The tough movement will last a long time through all kinds of outdoors activities.

They are available in 5 different styles. Get them while they are in stock at this introductory price here: Casio Protrek Triple Sensor Latest Watches

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