Just think about it: An intelligent watch that doesn’t require any kind of human intervention for precise timekeeping.  This is an arena that makes the radio-signals look so last-year and ever since, the Jap giants Seiko and Citizen have locked horns, trying to get each other off and make the ground their own. So, who’s winning and where the other one is going beat?

Both the Seiko Astron and the Citizen Satellite Wave function on the GPS signals from GPS satellites (they form the global network) to identify time zones and every data related to time and date. It’s certainly a next-Gen concept but do we need that precise timekeeping indoors? Citizen thinks we don’t and it really isn’t for civilians to be that perfect. Anyone knowing to read between the lines will get it right away (…the watch receives the signals from any open space, even in the boundless Western Pacific or atop the world’s highest peak) and that is enough for precisionists to look the other way.

Another big factor shaping decisions will be the 26 cities against 39 time zones. But then again, how many globe trotters are there among us crisscrossing the world every now and then? The excess, that way, stands a vanity for most and hardly does anything than pampering the ego. But that’s what drives us watch aficionados, isn’t it?

Seiko also wins with its two versions of the Astron against the single Satellite Wave; here they got a choice in both stainless steel and high-intensity titanium. But above all, the technology! You don’t need to be crazy about high-tech watches to adore the pure scientific genius, although you have to be, absolutely, to pocket one paying something as steep as $2,871. Well, those who are not particularly choosy about Titanium will find the $2,174 steel version (with silicon band) just as appealing; frankly, nothing is different apart from the material.

The technology is certainly not one might call inexpensive but then again, if your time translates to money, then the old proverb stays put and it will for many generations to come. Above that, being one among just 2500 people worldwide shall definitely add to your worth.