Seiko Watches: Avoidance, inhibitions and preferences!
  • August 16, 2019
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One problem with the human mind is once it is in love, it forgets everything else. Maybe that’s exaggerating a bit again, but not too much.

Take Seiko for an example. Despite its excellent reputation among watch buffs the world over as one of the few true manufactures who build their goods all by themselves, many turn a cold shoulder. They are inclined towards only the Swiss.

The Seiko Watches platter – What Seiko Watch to Buy?

From higher-end mechanical and electronic pieces to the inexpensive, everyday quartz, they’ll build everything from the buckle pin to the mainspring and quartz crystals in-house. Any mid-luxury Seiko will compete with any entry-level Swiss luxury model and turn out as the winner unless it’s a tie. Their price differences also are quite considerable if not huge. It’s not true that a Grand Seiko falls short in front of mid-upper level Swiss luxury; neither Presage; nor the Velatura. They are prestigious but affordable watches and affordability isn’t reason enough for diluting luxury. If spending a ton means affording luxury, then buy a stone for a million. It’s luxury, by far the definition.

Possible contenders

And those are just a few from the largest Swiss watch conglomerate – Swatch.

Reasons behind why you should buy a Seiko

  • Seiko offers a better quality and finish than any other Swiss watch in the same price range. Also, an in-house movement as opposed to the stock movements (mostly) offered within the same price range.
  • Seiko Quartz watches are the best in the world and their mechanical pieces are one among the toughest.
  • They being inventors of the quartz mechanism, it goes without saying how refined will be their highest offering: The 9F caliber, high accuracy quartz watches with a max deviation of +10 seconds per year.
  • There’s no flimsy-plastic business with Seiko. Even if it’s a $20 piece that you may not wear after it runs out of battery, which is again a good 4 to 5 years.
  • Seiko designed some of most innovative watches worldwide. Ananta and Grand Seiko, for example. It’s the Spring Drive that makes them stand out from the rest. Yet, they are way cheaper than any other European watches of a similar stature.
  • Seiko’s mechanical automatic calibers like 6138 and 6139, 4R- series can take all the stress you can give them and the best part is, you stress them happily knowing they won’t bust. Even if they do, a replacement won’t rob you empty. Imagine that with a Swiss watch; no matter how many tough-guy certifications it has won

Some more popular Seikos: Seiko watches models and prices

Here we’ll see one from each of the Seiko lineups. One more thing: NO discussion about Credor. We have picked one from each of the Seiko lineups, which keeps things simple. At least, it will give you some idea about how to pick right.

Seiko Automatic Line

Seiko Premier Automatic

The Seiko Premier Automatic: Clean, simple design for places where your taste in sophistication and subtlety matters a lot. You can wear it everywhere except for in the wild or on the dance floors. Made for prolonged wear, for meetings and dinners at high places are not bound by time.

MSRP: $480 – $850 | Our Price: $206 – $619

  • Case diameter: 41mm
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Automatic mechanical, Hi-Beat; Caliber 4R39A, 36,000 vph
  • Water Resistance: 50M

Seiko Divers Watch Line

Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Divers PadiThe Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver’s “PADI” Edition  delivers the tactile feel of the mechanical rotor along with the accuracy of quartz timekeeping. Looks more like a purpose-built dive watch, meant for, and designed for, that task of serious diving.

MSRP: $990 – $1371 | Our Price: $445 – $883

  • Case dimension: 47.5mm/14.5mm
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Kinetic; Caliber: 5M85 w/ GMT Indicator
  • Water Resistance: 200M

Seiko Solar Line

Seiko Prospex Scuba DiverSeiko Prospex Scuba Diver’s: The SEIKO Prospex Solar Diver Scuba is for the Japanese domestic market. The world outside has limited access to it.

MSRP: $930-$1370 | Our Price: $445 – $883

  • Case dimension: 45mm/13mm (inclusive of unidirectional rotating bezel and the screw-down crown.
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Seiko caliber V147 Solar movement; full charge worth 10 months; accuracy: ±15 seconds/month; features overcharge prevention and quick-start.
  • Water Resistance: 200M

Seiko Prospex Line

Seiko Prospex Marinemaster AutomaticSeiko Prospex Marinemaster Limited Edition Automatic  a thoroughbred sports watch, made for a professional diver. It can entertain your needs as an office wear or formal wear but only to an extent. As long as you need to break free from conformity, the Marinemaster is in your full support; it is meant for them living off the extreme edges.

MSRP: $395 – $4110 | Our Price: $121 – $3310

  • Case dimension: 53mm/18mm
  • Case material: Rose-Gold toned Titanium; Black, Hard Coated Ceramic shroud
  • Movement: Mechanical automatic; Caliber: 8L35, 26 Jewels
  • Water Resistance: 1000M

Seiko Kinetic Line

Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual CalendarThe Seiko Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar  is a beautiful wristwatch with more than one function going on at the same time. Smooth and graceful, a very modernized retro look makes this one classy. The Seiko Kinetic Perpetual Auto Relay system lets the watch conserve power for up to four years.

MSRP: $300 – $1599 | Our Price: $117 – $559

  • Case dimension: 42.9mm/13mm
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Kinetic; Caliber: 7D56
  • Water Resistance: 100M

Seiko Quartz Line

Seiko Quartz ChronographThe Seiko Chronograph Tachymeter makes for a substantial watch with a solid feel; it’s heavy and sturdy – miles apart from being a clunky, afterthought piece. The nifty design elements are fun to discover, even the way light bounces from the hands.

MSRP: $172– $2895 | Our Price: $61 – $2428

  • Case dimension: 42mm/11mm
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Quartz Caliber 6T63
  • Water Resistance: 100M

Seiko Sport line

Seiko for sportWith the Seiko Prospex World Time Solar Chronograph, you can forget about saying “no” to adventure sports – land, sky or oceans. It exceeds your expectations; shows truly professional specifications. Take it as all of Seiko’s sports watch expertise together.

MSRP: $388 – $1158 | Our Price: $150 – $428

  • Case dimension: mm/mm: 44.5mm/13mm
  • Case material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Solar-powered quartz; Caliber V195
  • Water Resistance: 100M

Seiko Sportura line

Seiko Sportura Perpetual SolarThe Seiko Sportura Perpetual Solar Multi-Function is a hearty recommendation to anyone interested in buying a suave- yet active-looking watch that fits almost every personal style. It’s a great watch that’s built hard, pure and simple.

MSRP: $635 – $850 | Our Price: $322 – $442

  • Case dimension: 45mm/13mm
  • Case material: Black PVD Stainless Steel Case
  • Movement: Solar quartz, Caliber: V198
  • Water Resistance: 100M

Seiko Presage line

Seiko Presage CocktailThe Presage Cocktail Time watch is a dressy piece that brings you luxury without leaving a big hole in your wallet. It’s not overly formal and dubbed Cocktail Time for post-work relaxations. It reflects the cocktails created by Japanese bartender/mixologist Ishigaki Shinobu.

MSRP: $450 – $2095 | $281 – $1450

  • Case dimension: 40.5mm/11.8mm
  • Case material: Gold Tone Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Automatic mechanical; Caliber 4R35 23 Jewels
  • Water Resistance: 50M

Where to buy Seiko watches?

There are many resources where you can get your Seiko watch from, both online and physical shops including specialized watch stores. But, there’s a problem. Actually, a couple of them.

Authorized brick and mortar setups don’t offer them cheap.

Online retailers are often not trustworthy.

Creationwatches are an exception. We offer more discounts and offer the same authenticity for every watch we sell. We also deliver fast and offer international warranty.

Seiko Watches Q&A

Q. How much are Seiko watches?
A. The lowest is Seiko Watch costs about $20 (in quartz) and $50 (in mechanical); the highest one is the Grand Seiko going above $80,000.

Q. Where is Seiko watches made?A. Seiko watches are made at Seiko’s own facilities in Japan, Malaysia, China and Singapore.

Q. Are all Seiko watches Solar?
A. No. They also make watches with plain quartz and mechanical automatic movements. The others are the Kinetic, the Direct Drive and the Spring Drive.

Q. Does Seiko still make Kinetic watches?
A. Very much. And they will, actually.

Q. Does Seiko make a smart watch?
A. Not yet. The smart watch manufactured by Seiko Epson doesn’t bear the Seiko name.

Q. Are Kinetic watches better than automatic?
A. They are two different platforms and a comparison can’t be done.

Q. What’s the difference between kinetic and automatic watches?
A. In automatic watches, the rotor winds the mainspring. In Kinetic watches, the rotor turns a mini generator to create storable electricity that lasts long for as much as 4 years.

Q. Are kinetic and automatic watches the same?
A. Only the rotor and sometimes, the calendar and the chronograph functions.

Q. Does Seiko Kinetic watch need battery?
A. Yes. To store the charge. It doesn’t need any conventional battery.

Q. How long should a Kinetic watch last?
A. Normally, at least for a couple of decades and if you are lucky, much more than that.

Q. Does a Seiko solar watch have a battery?
A. Yes, a rechargeable one; not the type you replace from time to time.

Q. Can you replace the battery in a Seiko Kinetic watch?
A. If it goes bust, then yes.

Q. Who makes Seiko Watches?
A. The fully integrated in-house production system of Seiko is spread across Shizukuishi, Iwate (SII Morioka Seiko Instruments), Ninohe, Iwate (SII Ninohe Tokei Kogyo), Shiojiri, Nagano (Seiko Epson) and their subsidiaries in China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Q. How to adjust Seiko watch band?
A. For bracelets, you’ll need to remove the links using s pin remover tool. For straps – leather, fabric, silicone or plastic – just punch in more holes.

Q. How often should a Seiko watch be serviced?
A. Once about every three years; from an Authorized Seiko Service Center is best. Solar quartz watches won’t need it.

Q. How to change date on Seiko Watches?
A. With the crown pulled out a step and rotated. Fully digital, analog/digital and highly complicated electronic analog watches will have buttons assigned for the purpose. Change date always between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Q. Why is Seiko so popular?
A. For its wonderful array of innovative watches at unbelievably low prices.

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