In the small circles that I go around in, people often consider me a snob. Now, whether a more-than-normal appreciation for the finer aspects of life entitles people to put a sobriquet on someone is something we are not going to discuss here; there are far better things – like the Seiko Diver’s – to bring us loads of enjoyment.

The best thing I noticed about the Seiko Diver watches is they are great levellers. The millionaire, the celebrities, the local gym coach or the seasonal SCUBA trainer, all have worn a Seiko Diver at some point of their life and many of them still continue. It’s something like the old pair of worn out jeans that stayed with you through thick and thin, Not saying everyone of them wearers got a keen eye to admire the beauty or a tremendous love for the craftsmanship and precision that goes into the Seiko Diver, but well, the affinity for a good bargain is more common than you might think. Does that make them a snob? If not, it neither does me. My appreciations for the SEIKO MONSTER, the SEIKO SUMO and the SEIKO TUNA have stayed and will stay unperturbed; the list has now one more name to include – the BABY TUNA. All of these are high-end dive watches at a price point that would make the Swiss watch industry go bankrupt if people bought mechanical watches considering only their utilitarian side. An expensive Swiss dive watch with pro-grade water resistance and durability is less to be seen on the wrist when it’s time for real action; it’s mostly the Seiko you’ll see aboard the dive boats and yet, it’s so humble!

But today, we shun the rest to talk about the Baby Tuna. Seiko closes the gap well with the Babies and pleases a lot of people with too many Monsters and a budget that’s not quite fit to go for the actual Tuna or the Sumo. The welterweight Baby Tuna delivers a hefty punch without any modification save the case size. The scaled-down Tuna wears very comfortably in urban settings without failing to provide hours of bright illumination. A humble opinion would be to start with it if you are getting into Diver watches seriously and want something bit more exotic and exalting than the plain Seiko Automatic Diver’s. Its impressive good looks, the sturdy build and practical usefulness (including night-time luminosity) at a modest street price shall prime you up for the future days as a Dive watch collector. No matter which model you’ll get as your first, it’s not going to look like anything but a Baby Tuna – simple, durable, made to go for many years without maintenance, they are just indifferent to anything that you might throw at them.

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