Note from Santo: There goes Gonzo, again! It’s been long he didn’t get a chance to chew the heads of the questioners, far less to satisfaction; so when the query arrived, he was unstoppable and went whole hog on it! Sorry folks, thought about sharing few more facts on Bulova today, but as you know this madcap, he didn’t only spare me a chance! Maybe tomorrow, or the day after; that is, if Gonzo finally allows. But certainly, within this week and that’s for sure.

Q. Dear Watch Gonzo,

Don’t know which part of the world you are, so please fill in appropriately. According to my time, it should be “Good Evening”. I shall put forth my question, but here’s a little bit on my background first.

I’m just out of high school and trying to get an admission in a reputed college to study either Oceanology or Marine Biology and want to change my Casio Youth Series Digital World Time for something better – let’s say worthwhile; something that can accompany me into my professional life. Not saying I want to leave my last three year’s companion bereft; it still runs fine and despite a myriad abuses it faced during the volleyball matches, it’s almost scratchless and certainly unshaken. It would be nothing better than betraying a long-time friend.

Please don’t ask me to go for something giga-pricey as the Omega Seamaster; even if I could afford, I would probably wear it to a party where wine flows in excess and not amidst an ocean of brine and rocks.

I trawled through quite a few many forums and asked people around but since I consider you to be speaking the last word in affordable choices, so here I am, with my query upfront.

A. Dear Mr. Future Oceanology Expert,

You certainly don’t want me to differentiate between a rose and a noose, do you? You haven’t yet reached the age to wear an Omega Seamaster, neither a Rolex Yachtmaster. Let another couple of decades pass and Gonzo won’t pose any bar on you owning either of the two, or both. Yours fall within the tranche of queries that portray an asker as a naive young man, trying too hard to fake modesty. The Gonzo shall never ask you to go for the one you mentioned; his choices are always practical and always match the age of the wearer. And affordable too; not something that will bother your rather slim wallet. Don’t take it as an offence, though; at your age, we all had so.

IMHO, nothing quite beats the Jap masters of horology in this regard. You got three choices: Citizen, Casio and of course, the SEIKO. Now, don’t expect me to spoon-feed you on their pros and cons (Really? Are there any cons at all?); read up a bit on their details and jump for the one that suits your budget the most. But wait, I haven’t yet spoken about the Prospex. I guess those are the ones you are specifically looking for and among the lot, the SBCZ023 JDM (pictured above) is what I consider to be the best.

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