It doesn’t require a mention about the Promaster series from Citizen being a standout range taken all dive watches together; however, that doesn’t apply to their 30th anniversary limited edition releases. Citizen ensured that these come under the list of the most essential field watches ever on this earth this time and there’s no doubt that they accomplished the status highly.

Unbelievably capable and downright conspicuous as devices meant for professional use, Citizen built the Limited Edition Promasters to be worked till the last point of excellence. That’s the sole reason even men remotely associated to adventures on land, sea or air tend to sport them; it’s a matter of pride for them to sport something you may highly call a cutting-edge apparatus or instrument. Their capacity to show profundity and different essential parameters for particular professions or sports has made them incredibly mainstream, the only glitch being their numbers are limited. In short, you may call them profoundly trustworthy packs, crucial for day-by-day exercises under extreme, demanding conditions. The three dedicatory models are thus tagged as SKY, LAND, and MARINE; with unique features helping them to build their own identities.

Structurally also, they are very imaginative. They are among those uncommon watches that can do very well without being pressed and still be amazingly valuable as a casual wear allowing a little bit of snobbish show-off without hurting others. Let’s have a look at what each of them brings to your plate.

  • Citizen Eco-Drive PROMASTER ‘LAND’ Limited Edition: This rugged, outdoor watch is a further developed version of the ALTICHRON. It features an analog altimeter that can measure up to 10,000m up from ground level to 300m below sea level simultaneously while showing time. Its Super Titanium construction makes it tough as a tank while its back lid contact-layer cover doesn’t let the wearer’s skin touch the cold metal. Only 1,989 units were made available worldwide and most of them are gone.
  • Citizen Eco-Drive PROMASTER ‘MARINE’ Limited Edition: An authentic diver watch that runs on Eco-Drive technology and features a specialized, analog depth indicator. It combines high performance with a stylish appearance, so whether you are amidst a challenging condition or wearing it with everyday casual wear, there’s nothing you can call inappropriate about it. It is ISO and JIS-7 (Japan Industrial Standards) compliant up to 200m and shows depths of up to 70m in an analogue format while displaying regular time. Additionally, it features a power reserve indicator and a dive alarm to keep you aware against above-normal descent/ascent speed while ascending. There’s a water sensor to detect and automatically start the depth gauge while other safety features like screw-down locking crown and buttons are a part of the package, complete with a unidirectional bezel. Only 6000 units released worldwide.

For the time being, we are holding back singing the praises for the AIR model but stay tuned; it will appear anytime on our roster in its full glory!

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