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Dear Gonzo,

I read all I could on the Eco-Drive but is there anything that I could have missed? I’m almost ready to go for two. I am the girl. The trouble is – I’m messing up everything once I’m facing the Eco-Drive men’s. My own; however, I had no trouble in picking. Thought you could help. In return, if you ever need any help with jewelry or women’s rigs, I shall be glad to hear from you. 


[Mail and personal details]: Removed

WG comments: Ooooh la la! You comforted me a great deal, baby; much when it is needed. You’ll hear from me, worry not.


You already know it as Citizen’s version of light-powered watches that greatly succeeded over a long time and must have noticed its attributes. Strong and mostly utilitarian designs and stringent quality controls are responsible for the tremendous global success of Eco-Drive technology, giving Citizen an edge in the high-end quartz marketplace.

Pardon me getting carried away; Citizen Eco-Drive is my personal choice for urban adventures. Geeky, black-resin digital watches are good for outdoors only; for pub hopping or long drives, the Citizen eco-drive is a fine choice.

Now, Citizen’s watches may look from very plain to very tech and you’ll be a fool running just a visual inspection to gauge what a Citizen Eco-Drive might offer. If you want it exotic, stay happy with the Eco-Drive Alarm perpetual calendar. It’s a personal choice of mine.

I don’t quite know if you know about the amorphous silicon solar cell and the internal lithium-ion battery. A relatively reliable way to choose one with a higher storage capacity is looking for an Eco-Drive watch with more functions. Functions require more power than just time-telling and day-date. Look for hibernation mode if you are getting a more sophisticated model. It’s fun to see them reset to the correct time and date when awakened. Unless radio-signal controlled, they have an internal count going on requiring a fraction of the power used in normal running modes (time/day/date).

I really do not want to comment on the material. It’s a personal choice. I prefer stainless steel above all; then titanium and lastly, gold. That’s because I do not buy mine to keep them inside glass boxes; I use them and it’s always possible them getting scratched. On steel and titanium, they add character but on gold…well, it shows you are going through hard times; or, through depression.

Citizen’s version of Seiko’s Kinetic is the Eco-Duo Drive; the Citizen Pro-Master series came out in December 1998 though at around $1,000 USD, it failed the consumer attraction test. It was put down, naturally.

I’m not going into glorifying further the P1080594 solar cell; just know after 20 years, your Eco-Drive will retain only 80% of its initial storage capacity.

With a mid-high budget, you may try either (or both) of these Skyhawk and Navihawk pilot’s watches. They are awesome choice if your buddy is highly active in his lifestyle or flies a lot. They are awesome ones.

I also particularly like one complex dress watch, which I guess will fit in as your other choice. For simple chronos, you may take a look here.

All right! Be enlightened and stay enlightened. Illumination does have its price.