I have grown into a big fan of this. It is something I came across all in a sudden. It blew my breath right away. Outstanding design, to say the least and it seems you agree since you are here.

It all started when my Hamilton Khaki X-Wind  got scratched a couple of times on the bezel few days back. It is foolish teaching the neighborhood kid to bicycle while wearing something you are fond of; only that it struck later. And this kid sucks as long as it’s anything on wheels.

Also, my garage door. A rub here and there happened a couple of times, so a total of five scratches on the rim. Heaven helped, they are light and don’t spoil the look as much considered against the impacts.

So, it became necessary to look for an inexpensive alternative that you can throw around at will; something of an all-time watch. More for less – okay, I agree I’m being cheap, still – was what I was after. My initial picks had been from the Seiko Sportura-s and Limited Editions; anyway, to be curt, it’s the blue dial & steel getup that appeals the most. The Emporio Armani Renato classic chronograph takes blue to much crisper and darker shades of its royal shade and chosen by a handful. The sleek, sporty, up-for-anything Renato is all comfort and an easy-wear that goes with anything.

It’s a pleasure finding out how well Armani selects the face size, just as much as most desire – the right size to balance clarity and readability to max optimum levels. It’s definitely a wise idea to make the watch manual chunky instead. Even very high end Swiss watchmakers (I won’t mention names) mess-up at times with the chunky parameter and the product is not a good sight. Armani swerves around the pitfall easily.

It’s limited in functions, though. But in my lifestyle, I don’t need synching my watch with a commander’s or chief’s; I don’t need calculating fuel amounts every hour (for that, I got this Seiko. My ‘cycle is a bit of a gas-guzzler; it helps me with gas-station calculations and also at the swig-shops, so I don’t run out of fuel) or any similar other tough jobs. And it seems this one will go a long-way with a little care. I find it an excellent watch, of a great quality and no regrets on the choice.