• July 28, 2014
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It’s a stroke of luck or I don’t know how to put it otherwise. Altichron was good but not being a pale and frail looking techno-geek trying to look tough in the swimming pool, I decided to wait and see if Citizen brings out a Diver less complicated than the Altichron but tad more than the Citizen Automatic Professional Diver’s. No way I’m looking down upon the Altichron; it’s a Pro’s instrument when he is out in the wild waters. But it’s not for you if you haven’t hit the oceans even once in your life or you have no such future intentions. Don’t shave with a fine sword, that’s it. The Pro Master Depth Meter, IMHO, is substantiality objectified. It goes without saying that it’s not heavy or it is large (being a Diver). But I find it very thick and therefore, very striking and adds to the lump of solidity that it is. I was looking for simple complications (if that makes sense) as told before and something less peppy. So the depth gauge and power reserve indicator fills in nicely on a grave tone and is a great deviation from the usual chronograph (see the Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Aqualand Chronograph Diver for example; this is another variation) or the ana-digi Divers.  Another point I’d like to mention is my greed for anti-reflective sapphire crystal; the rest don’t have one. I find the dial less overwhelming than many of the complicated tool watches but there are more reasons behind it making the wave. They were clear as soon as I splashed down one on my wrist. It’s an iconic style that commands attention by deviating from the over-used case designs and opting for an unique shape and size bending the rules of traditional sub-designs for better. At 52.5mm (across) and 18.5mm (d), it’s a fresh breath for everyone looking for a different diver that’s all set to show you a dive till 70M. It makes the Eco-Drive Promaster one of the most useful timepieces when you are headed towards the ocean. But wait, I stay mostly on land, so how am I thinking to wear it full-time? That’s because I don’t find it just a cold and hard tool watch. The style and the technical frame this Aqualand fits into also makes it a sports watch to wear daily and that too without any fuss. Again, I’ll praise the slightly shiny, congenial dial-design, which has the zing but without barring legibility. Let’s call it tool-themed instead rather than strictly a tool. I like the golden version more; I find it extending the versatility of the watch if I’m planning to spend the weekend in one of the city’s poshest pubs.

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