Ever since Eco-Drive made to the scene, Citizen is belting out new, innovative models relentlessly, almost every season. The bars have certainly risen as Citizen’s take on chronographs and multifunctional watches has embraced too some extremely innovative styles. So the looks versus functionalities debate has been put to rest (until at least some time) and no more the monopoly of only high-priced wrist watches by luxury and premium brands.

Citizen Atomic Perpetual Chronograph Eco-Drive AT4008-51E Mens Watch
Citizen Atomic Perpetual Chronograph Eco-Drive AT4008-51E Mens Watch

The AT4008-51E is one; its features and accuracy tucked neatly in a single, smart package and the perfect watch for those willing to move up not too high on the price ladder yet looking for something fantastic that looks good and stylish.

We all have some idea about Eco-drive, so on to other topics. It is a sports design that looks better in real life than in print and also goes well within formal and business settings due to its very subtle appearance in dull stainless steel and black face and dial.

Insides, it’s a radio-controlled time keeping mechanism working, which, in plain words, is determining time through the earth’s movements to stay absolutely spot-on. And that applies for 5 different time zones. It also displays the AM/PM halves, so determining the exact time for a different time zone is breeze. The perpetual calendar knows the number of days for each month and also how to dodge and tackle leap years. All that means you don’t need to bother about time or date adjustments; only time you need to touch it is when you want it do some additional job.

This one is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a tasteful timepiece with planned-out aesthetics; that’s not outrageously chunky, flashy or oversized but looks rich and definitely for the people who wants to look hi-tech without having to be. The watch is very user-friendly and all you need is pulling the crown to different levels to set the functions, including the chronograph and the alarm.

To end, the AT4008-51E is high on durability as far as market reports go and the water resistance of 200m is a big advantage to those who spend a lot of time sailing around, swimming and snorkeling, so the water park chute seems not to be pressing a wearer’s luck too much.