Seiko as a marque is known for its music and field. Their watches are prefabricated to fit into people’s familiar story in say to serve conveniently piece solace existence cunning. Seiko watches descend in numerous creation as good as new designs and can easily fit into anyone’s way, whether you are a jock, commerce man, employed in an office or do honorable around anything for a experience. Seiko is the mortal in cutting-edge Lechatelierite profession and has humans thick popularity for its communication Seiko strongly believes that the wrist catch is an intimate criminal. The watches springy in harmony and interact with the wearer and they also wage a pacifying and emotionally substantial trammel. Seiko’s bailiwick section focuses on commencement of “Lyric Field. A lot of Seiko’s are made in all parts of the Far East, but this one along with the most desirable Seiko’s are made in Japan.

Some Seiko automaton like watches are powered by the now well-known 7S26 21 Human automated movement. Seiko pistol watches quality themselves by the happening of your body. Oppositeness to the Seiko Kinetic vigil group, there is an involuntary winding performance but then it does not essential any hacking or ability rotation to get the vigil started. Robotlike movements are a subset of mechanic movements that, when frayed daily, do not necessary to be lesion. Every indication the ticker is threadbare, an periodical coefficient in the laxation winds the mainspring, thusly ensuring the mainspring remains fully harm.

Never seen before a map meter on a watch, this is a wheel placed on the end of the crown at the 9 position, this run along a 1 to 50,000 scale ordnance survey map will measure out the exact distance in km on the internal rotating bezel. This can be locked into position once the distance is measured out by the locking nut on the same crown. It has also got an external rotating compass bezel, which needs to be turned manually when using the sun to navigate. It is rotated by using the crown at the 9 position this run along a 1 to 50,000 scale ordnance survey map will measure out the exact distance in km on the internal rotating bezel.  Seiko automatic SKZ299K1 has black dial with lumbrite hands and markers. It’s case is made up of stainless steel case.  The water resistant of this watch is 200 meter.

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Some Important Features:

Caliber: 7S36 (23 Jewels)
Stainless steel
With Map Meter
Calculate traveling distances and compass direction using classic technology.
The left crown is used to trace distance on a map. Maps using the 1:50000 M scale can be read directly.
Water Resistance: 200 m
Grey with rotating compass and luminous hands
Magnetic resistant
Bi-directional rotating Compass Bezel
Hardlex crystal
Solid link SS bracelet with 2 pushed in safety lock
Case: 42 mm x 13 mm in thickness (w/o crown)
Case: 55 mm x 13 mm in thickness (w/crown)

This watch is available for USD 220.00 with us
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