Few watches can actually start you getting passionate towards mechanicals. Many would remember buying an affordable automatic for usual use –at work and off it; while doing the daily watering of the plants or taking the dog out for a walk. You don’t expect anything out of them apart from them doing a good job. You are never conscious with it. It grows on you and you grow on it. It becomes 24/7 and then you get bored of its trouble-free existence. The Orient 3 Star is one like that.

This is when you get into rotating. You buy another mechanical. The 3 Star got a few different versions, so you can play around the main theme by just changing colours. Within shall beat the same in-house 469 – the 21-jewel Orient workhorse since 1970. It’s one of the most noted among entry-level movements for its high precision and large power-reserve. Its accuracy, consistency and quick self-winding capacity need no hand winding and hacking facilities; they have been found to run the same even 20 years later and without any servicing. The 3 Star uses 316L steel and holds up very well against scratches and moisture. You don’t have to keep it dry every time.

Speaking of visual designs – it looks quite vintage, yet dynamic and therefore, interesting. The material quality and the craftsmanship that went behind it are top notch. The dial is nicely lacquered; however, don’t expect lume though. They are just urban-grade quality automatic watches; not meant for dark, dingy crevices.

These moderately-sized (by today’s standards) 3 Star watches also double up as dress watches, depending on the band and the colour of the dial. It’s the very simple case design and its standard shape that gives it the charm; its relatively-short and thinner, drilled lugs bring a minimalist look. It stays away from creating distractions and together, lends an overall retro feel.

The crown is not overly elegant but grooved practically to provide a firm grip. A bit of an atypical shape, it’s fairly flat, wide and stepped. It’s also slightly larger than the usual sized crowns for this category of watches; it adds a somewhat sturdy feel.

The 3 Star wears very well, either as a work wear or with slightly dressier clothes. But then again, you got three different options available, so you can take a pick according to your need. Flashy, subdued and elegant, three flavours to choose from! If you are inclined towards plain formal, the all-steel Orient Automatic Three Star shall be a good choice; for elegant formals, it’s the gold-on-black Orient Three Star Automatic. But for formal occasions such as wedding and family get-togethers, nothing beats this all-gold Orient Automatic Three Star!

Watch(es) mentioned in this post are listed below.  Click to see details and buy them:

1. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/orient-automatic-288/orient-automatic-fes00001w-mens-watch-6496.html?zenid=pq3d5e8366ojj3kh0al7uhqih0

2. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/orient-automatic-288/orient-three-star-automatic-em7p004b-mens-watch-6493.html?zenid=pq3d5e8366ojj3kh0al7uhqih0

3. https://www.creationwatches.com/products/orient-automatic-288/orient-three-star-automatic-em7p004b-mens-watch-6493.html?zenid=pq3d5e8366ojj3kh0al7uhqih0


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