SevenFriday: Initial, crucial info

SevenFriday’s success story in the watch industry is far from commonplace. Given the fact it’s a tough job to break into the horological ecosystem, SevenFriday did that with ease with their industrial-inspired pieces of unconventional dimensions, decoration and functionalities. They are the modern face of luxury that’s not weighed down by the weight of century-old history and traditions, which is another reason behind the affordable prices of SevenFriday. It has worked tremendously in favor of the brand.

SevenFriday: The fun, mechanical watches

There’s nothing that SevenFriday hides about their roots and price structures but who would really like to go for them? That depends upon the perspective of the wearer.

As an occasional wear, the SevenFriday is a bargain; as daily wears, they are rather interesting options. We take a look at the SevenFriday M-Series; its design and inspiration to understand fully.

SevenFriday M Series: About rich detailing and varied textures

The P-Series collection established SevenFriday on the map of the horology world, while the M-Series, which followed P and faithfully embodies radical approaches of disc systems replacing the previous three-hand structures. The M-Series was produced 2,000 units to every model, helping them attain a cult status and never looking back from there.

M-Series: The product extensions

Sevenfriday M-Series Automatic M2/02 

A cushion-shaped watch with a 47mm, 5N rose gold PVD treated stainless steel case, its integrated lugs allow a perfectly comfortable fit on the wrist. It is inspired by power-measuring tools of the industrial revolution era; turbines, ammeters and radios. Its aesthetic appeal is very robust and very futuristic and houses a world map that depicts where the design and concept of the M2-02 originated and its manufacturing location. Its intelligent use of colors and textures on the dial are a result of with the 7-layered interface (alternately finished in grain and stamped cast iron; iridescent, matte and satin), covered by an anti-reflective mineral glass, which is not the run-of-the-mill kind. It’s a specially-hardened and domed crystal that ensures visual enhancement, clarity and optimum protection.

Sevenfriday M-Series Automatic M2B/01

An automatic watch with a vintage dial directly inspired by the machines that brought forth the industrial revolution and projected into the space and the universe, its authentic and imposing style makes it unique. The seven levels the interface come in varied finishes, one of them being rhodium, a non-radioactive chemical component. Its crown is attached to the left of the case, which is unconventional but prevents it from biting into the wrist.

Sevenfriday M-Series Spaceship Automatic


Depicting the speed that can take you light years ahead of the present fashion senses, the Spaceship incorporates a seven-layered dial and a total of eleven applied parts. They create a multilevel, 3D interface with an emblazoned, aerodynamic Y-Wing shape from the Star Wars.

Sevenfriday M-Series Urban Explorer Automatic

The Urban Explorer Automatic is a welcome return to form and to its roots! It’s incredibly self-confident in its design; simply put, it has been kept simple, which worked very well. This very solid entry takes the original M-Series concepts and improved them greatly; especially, the running seconds-indicator along the horizontal axis. The eyes usually move from left to right; that’s the exact order in which the time display discs (hours and minutes) are arranged. Overall, this is an interesting design without distractions; futuristic and with the desired industrial characteristics. See it in a different finishing here.


SevenFriday M series: Reading the time

You must be wondering by now, how these watches actually tell the time? It’s fairly easy. There are three customized, rotating discs showing hours, minutes and the seconds. Reading time will require you to work your way from the outermost disc towards the innermost – from hours to the seconds. The open balance-wheel structure of the Japanese Miyota 8215 movement ensures precision timekeeping (+10 seconds/day) and a running power of 40 hours when fully wound. This robust movement is known for not breaking down easily, making it a perfect choice for the modern and sporty SevenFriday M-Series watches.

M Series: The common factor

The NFC Compatibility is a necessary security measure for every SevenFriday M Series watch, which is an assurance towards weeding out fakes. This very unique step of embedding Near Field Communication or NFC chips at the watch bases help in authenticating the watch by registering with the SevenFriday database through a mobile application. The tech involved is amazingly simple; this radio frequency identification (RFID)-derived tech operates as one end of a wireless link that’s activated by another remote chip to exchange small amounts of data through the SevenFriday app.

Why should you go for a SevenFriday M series watch?

The M-Series is a great conversation starter and on the wrist, they attract the right kind of attention. If that part hits the right notes in your mind, then the SevenFriday M Series watches are for you!

We’ve mentioned here 5 the SevenFriday M Series watches. Click on the links to see and buy them.