Invicta: Regeneration

Invicta wasn’t a name very popular among high-end-horology-hobbyists who almost always had frowned upon Pro-Diver; which, ironically, is the largest range from Invicta. They were Submariner-influenced; in reality, there was too much of it present in them and to collectors preferring purely European (Swiss, German, French, English, Czech Republic, some Italian and Russian), Scandinavian (Denmark, Norway, Åland & Faroe Islands, Finland and Iceland) and Australian makes; the resemblance of Pro Diver with the Rolex Submariner went against several of their deciding factors.

The Pro-Diver became a choice for the average rich Joe off to the beach on weekends and vacations. Some prefer them as the daily alternatives to their actual Submariner-s, preferring to wear the real thing only on special occasions.

The Resurfacing

The new Pro-Diver came up as Invicta took serious concern about the situation. By moving away from under the Rolex shadows and tightening their overall quality standards, they are now something a collector might choose for daily rough use and the hate that was well-founded, we see, slowly starts to dissolve. Lots of discerning individuals now acknowledge Invicta as creators of watches that are high quality, yet more affordable as options to serve you for many years at a stretch.

The new Invicta are…

  • Quality timepieces but you don’t pay high-end luxury prices.
  • Even more invincible!
  • Full of technical features that are difficult to find together in another watch at this price range.
  • A broad range of watch types; notable being the Reserve, Sub-Aqua, Bolt and the Hydromax besides an entire new slew of Pro Divers!
  • Fun to wear, powerful to look at. It’s a new personality the brand has generated that strikes up some remarkable intrigue from almost every watch fanatic on the Internet. Intricate dials, caseworks and movements sourced from renowned watchmakers, the new Invicta are indeed a new trend in affordable horology.

Older designs, less-common Invicta-s

These you’ll like if the usual watch doesn’t give you enough reason to adorn your wrist. Invicta’s new catalog of designs is sporty, elegant and classic – all at the same time.

  1. Invicta Sea Hunter Chronograph Diver’s: Prominent in size, it’s built to face the real deep under any level of intensity; a purpose not many are prepared to handle. .
  2. Invicta U.S. Army: Honor, valor and endurance to hold up for the national heritage forever, the Invicta U.S. Army is deep rooted in the very founding of American military aviation and forged into form and function with an optimum level of expert craftsmanship.
  3. Invicta Russian Diver: This is a Soviet-style Diver watch built after a 1959 original. An oversized screw-in crown and protective cap delivers the true experience of original Russian Diver watches.
  4. Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph: The Pro-Diver breaks its self-created boundaries and is no more a Submariner homage. It’s ready to handle more than either!
  5. Invicta Reserve: Runs on the Jord (Australia) flagship movement – the JHLS32 mechanical – with a dual-wheel, self-winding movement that keeps +40 seconds of accuracy and 40 hours of power.
  6. Invicta Bolt: A full-fledged sports watch so decent and glamorous you can wear to business meetings and corporate parties.
  7. Invicta Coalition Forces: Looks nothing like you come across every day! In reality, the layout features a retrograde day, date and 24 hours time indicating subdials.
  8. Invicta S1 Rally: The Tri-Disc wonder from Invicta! An exotic one.
  9. Invicta Hydromax: Pit it against other divers to feel the difference.
  10. Invicta Jason Taylor Chronograph Diver’s: Just one of the many of a captivating range for the discerning customer.

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