Diver watches that can be used; not babied! That immediately brings into mind the name Seiko but well, today we are speaking not about the Japs; but Swiss. And Swiss that gives the Jap giant a tough competition on the money front. We are talking about Invicta.

For a long time, Invicta has studied, designed and built diver watches; the biggest examples are perhaps the Russian divers and there also, Invicta caters both to the mechanical and the quartz domains.

The Russian Diver is homage from Invicta to the watches once commissioned for the Russian Navy in 1959. So there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s for the adventurous and can withstand just anything that might come its way. However, the surprise is, they are not even a bit grim-faced and easily qualify as killer fashion accessories. To sum up, it’s a bold, sexy and masculine piece of accessory for the socially active man who also likes to take part in serious outdoor activities.

But then again, to err is human. Despite the A1 built and material quality, some – though scarce enough to be ignored – do not work as expected. This makes it important to buy from a reputed seller. Russian Divers at Creation Watches are of the first grade.

The Russian Diver has an impressive size alongside an impressive built! From the artistry to the finish, it’s all about a good experience both in casuals and formals. Even when you wear a blazer with jeans! It comes out crisp and clear, as much as the printing on the Russian Diver. From the crystal to the logo at the back, every Russian Diver here takes pride in being a representation of high standards throughout.

The Russian Diver comes with a solid, quality feel to it. The impression of luxury surrounding the Russian Diver is unlike the ‘to-be-babied’ types. The Russian Diver is not a subtle watch; neither is it meant for subtle treatments. Beautiful, bold and BIG timepieces with a bright Tritnite Coating as lume, stunning dials make a part of every Russian Diver. It is also one of the reasons that you will not regret buying.

There are women’s Russian Divers too and no less in terms of a commanding presence, precision and endurance. But we’ll talk about them some other time. But if you are a woman reading this and you need a great everyday piece without any advanced features to worry about taking care for, the Invicta Women’s Russian Diver is a great watch to go for.

The protective cap over the screw-down crowns alone just adds so much elegance to the Russian Diver-s! That’s something you’ll miss big time in other watches, except for some atrociously pricey luxury pieces.

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