As a sports watch, many find the Invicta Pro-Diver a bit showy; c’mon, are people going to watch the sport or will they be watching what’s on your wrist? No doubt they are meant for the purpose (I slipped once on the poolside and it hit the edge of the pool head-on and still survived and survived well) and made for quite an ideal tool for self-defence when my beloved, almost-bitter-half once threw a big, heavy thing at me, but how many of us would like to wear it around the water? They look too good for that unless you are off to Miami for a vacation and need to allure the hottie sun-bathing next. So most of us, in search of affordable luxury, shall find it appropriate as an accessory that suits the scenes when you are dressed to kill; in that case, its 200 meters of water resistance comes to no or little use. To use it in its real sense, take it to swimming, snorkelling or medium-depth scuba. Unfortunately, not all are automatics, but then again, automatics are not for everyone!

And then again, there are automatics among the automatics, like the Invicta Pro Grand Diver Automatic, the Signature Automatic and the Professional Pro Diver Automatic.  Except for the Signature running on a NH36A movement, which is essentially a 24-jewel configuration with manual wind capability and hacking second hand from Seiko, the rest house NH35A –  an upgraded NH25A that hacks – also from Seiko. Other things are pretty much the same, but the Signatures, definitely are several notches above in aesthetics. However, if you want a screw down crown, you got no other option than going for the Pro Grand Diver.

The Pro Diver quartz watches are definitely more accurate when it comes to timekeeping but the real problem is either you love them completely or you don’t! There’s no midway. These didn’t receive as much publicity as the automatics, so that could be one of the reasons but there’s no denying their surprising build quality at a price this cheap! That’s definitely one of the reasons people love it apart from their chronograph functions; but hate? Could it be their closeness to the Rolex Submariner, look-wise? The automatics make it up with their Seiko-built movements; the quartz versions, unfortunately, don’t.

Probably, not, for there are so many of them around, including the Steinhart Ocean 1. Even if the Pro Diver is a mirror image of the Submariner, there’s no denying that it’s a job well done. Even the date magnifiers – for times when you don’t feel putting the spects on! With naked eyes, you see just as much impressive, accurate and precise! Even the lume; the tritnite is a pleasant surprise and strong enough to rival any Seiko at the same price range!

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  1. Review by S. Aicklen for Rating: So far, I like the #6363 watch in every way. It is BIG HEAVY with the solid feel of stainless steel, and looks great on my wrist. I often wear dark or black srhtis, and the black watch looks good with them, I think. I can read the date easily due to large numbers and a magnifying crystal, not that easy to find on a non-Rolex. The band and clamp are very good, with no issues at all for me. I like this series so well, I bought the in addition to an Invicta silver/blue watch. The black color has not come off for me as it has for another reviewer, but I will update this review if that happens.

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