Not overly typical; just digital: The JDM digital Tuna is a sensation due to many reasons

A digital watch with a shroud is not something you come across every day. Sure, there are cheap, mass-produced, low-quality digital watches that give an impression of being the real thing but we all know what a poser means. But when it’s Seiko, you can be damn sure that you got something remarkable up your […]

Watches must in affordable luxury!

Affordable, a vague and variable term; in modern luxury contexts presents something presentable; something that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The watch kingdom, as we see it today, offers quite a few of such surprises worthy of respect. Which to endorse? All equally good for the purposes they have been built. Most […]

About an extreme dive watch (which is probably, the best)

People flocked in at the Baselworld 2017 to get a glance at the show stealers that year – an entire ocean of retro-inspired dive watches. Amidst a plethora of brands showcased, it was Citizen who stood out; solely due to the reason that they dared to bring something radically new to the plate. That’s to […]

The History of Wristwatches – How It All Began

Good, old memories: Astonishing as it might sound, the wristwatches were almost a woman’s thing starting sometime in the 1600s. Men preferred pocket-watches, a trend that continued till the early 1900-s. The credits for creating the world’s first wristwatch, arguably, go to Abraham-Louis Breguet. He built it for the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, in […]

Diver watchdom revisited: No deterring. Not even for the undetermined!

Disclaimer: As someone who appreciates wearable aesthetech marvels, it would be unfair to hold opinions about watch models to be excellent, good or bad – unless technically, that is. About aesthetics, well; each person to his or her own, as long as it doesn’t transcend irritation; like digital pieces with business suits. Or, absolute dinner […]

GMT & World Time: For times when you are about to go places

Now that cell phones have become an integral part of almost everyone’s everyday way of life, many argue if a wrist watch is at all something that’s necessary to your life. Human history tells us that it has only been around for a small fraction of time; life existed before but it wasn’t the hectic, […]

Should move the way you like – Gonzo gives insights about how to select a watch

Now certainly, a watch doesn’t move around unless it’s on you; it’s just that it will remain unaffected when exposed to the things you face in a daily life. It should be able to travel – go the way you do every day without complaint. Does that mean just one watch and no more? There […]

Seiko Watches: Avoidance, inhibitions and preferences!

Seiko Watches: Avoidance, inhibitions and preferences!

One problem with the human mind is once it is in love, it forgets everything else. Maybe that’s exaggerating a bit again, but not too much. Take Seiko for an example. Despite its excellent reputation among watch buffs the world over as one of the few true manufactures who build their goods all by themselves, many […]

The scene with Kinetic Watches. What is Seiko Kinetic Watch?

Kinetic Watches

A lot of people are clueless about the phenomenon we watch lovers usually call the mecha-quartz. Drop the name Kinetic and behold! There are so many! However, there are many more who take the Kinetic as some sort of a joke rather than a revolutionary piece of marvel. That’s half-baked knowledge at best. That mechanical […]